SPOR 2010 was a festival of 'exploded music'. Friday 7th May to Sunday 9th May the audience's could experience musical works, which dismantled and challenged the musical expression through other media: Movement, environment and the visual. SPOR 2010 was curated by the British composer Joanna Bailie (born 1973, resident in Brussels). The focus point was musical translations which not only mimed, but rather reinforced the musical expression through other practices.

SPOR 2010 presented composers, ensembles  and sound artists: Peter Ablinger (AT), Trond Reinholdtsen (NO), Mozart(!), Åsa Stjerna (SE), Jacob Kirkegaard (DK), Morten Riis (DK), Jana Winderen (NO), Aarhus Sinfonietta (DK), SCENATET (DK), Trio Aristos (DK), Tape That (BE/NE), David Helbich (DE), Páll Ivan Pálsson (IS), Christopher Fox (UK), Jonas Olesen (DK), Helmut Lachenmann (DE), Xavier Le Roy (FR/DE) among others.

SPOR 2009 took place 7, 8, 9 May. The music was heard in Århus’ city-space and the three festival days presented street criers in the Old Town, works in the city-space, a Georgian male choir in the open and much more. SPOR 2009 was curated by the composer Bent Sørensen. With the human voice and public city-space as a point of departure Sørensen had put together a program with both promising young and internationally recognized composers from locally and abroad.

SPOR 2009 presented Georges Aperghis (Gr/Fr), Beat Furrer (Au), Helmut Oehring (De), Erik Bünger (S), Niels Rønsholdt (DK), Christian Winther Christensen (DK), Neue Vocalsolisten (D), Rustavi Choir (Ge), FIGURA (DK), Esbjerg Ensemble (DK), SCENATET (DK), Århus Symphony Orchestra, Jakob Kullberg and Lore Lixenberg amongst others.

SPOR 2008  was a 24 Hour Experiment with concerts, sound installations, video art, workshops, eating and overnight accommodation. The festival started May 9th at 16:00 and ended precisly 24 hours later. It all happened in the Concert Hall Aarhus.

SPOR 2008 presented Vienna Vegetable Orchestra (Au), Staalplaat Soundsystem (NL), asamisimasa (N), Rebecca Saunders (UK), Hanna Hartmann (S), Curious Chambers Players (S), Brandon Labelle (US/DK), Carl Emil Carlsen (DK), DYGONG (DK), SCENATET (DK) and Aarhus Symphonic Orchestra.

SPOR 2007 was taking place from May 10 til 13 and was curated by Anna Berit Asp Christensen and Anne Marqvardsen.  The title of the festival was composing what? and it focused on the performing composer. composing what? challenged the traditional concert and seeked alternatives in the presentation of music and sound art.

The artists who took part were amongst the top internatio-
nal representatives of their fields: Christian Marclay (USA), Zeena Parkins (USA), Ikue Mori (USA) Natasha Barrett (No), Benedict Mason (UK), Cecile Babiole (F),  Kaj Aune (No), djTRIO, Atau Tanaka (Ja), Ivo Nilsson (S), SENSORS_SONICS_SIGHTS (F/Ja), Frank Ollu (F), erikm (F) and Jennifer Walshe (Ir).  Denmark was represented by Jacob Anderskov, Bjørn Svin, Juliana Hodkinson, Maria-Laurette Friis, Jonas Olesen, Jakob Riis, Henriette Groth, Braad Owe, The Ghettoblaster Ensemble, Ensemble 2000 and Aarhus Symphony Orchestra.

SPOR 2006 was taking place from May 4 to 7 and was curated by the british composer Edward Jessen. SPOR 2006 focussed on the ability of sound to tell its own story

The first SPOR festival was curated by the danish composer Niels Rønsholdt. It took place from May 4 to 8 in 2005