SPOR 2011: TOUCH ME welcomes you to 4 days of sensuous musical challenges. From Thursday the 5 May until Sunday 8 May the public will be touched, groped, embraced and taken hold of by contemporary music and sound art.

SPOR 2011 places focus on physicality in contemporary art music and sound art and investigates relations between sound, movement, sensory perception and the body. Notions and phenomena such as musical wellness, visual musicality, feedback and physicality are at play – and SPOR 2011 poses the question as to whether certain kinds of music are more ‘bodily’ than others. We puncture the myth that contemporary art music is not sensual and present sounding art where body and mind are no longer opposites but in a productive friction.

Does the body affect sound – or vice versa? Discover how the body becomes a resonant space where sound streams via the bones to the inner ear. See how the body takes on the form of a sound-sculpture which arises in the interplay between movement and surroundings. Witness musicians pressed to physically impossible and uncontrollable actions. And be overwhelmed by sound and light and pulled underwater where sound can be sensed in a weightless condition. All at SPOR 2011: TOUCH ME.

The guest curators for SPOR 2011 are 3 leading institutions from Berlin: Kammerensemble Neue Musik, Singuhr Hörgalerie and Ausland. The collaboration between them and SPOR has led to a challenging and experimental program. The three partners are each, with their point of departure, important players within the international art scene’s tension-field between music, art, media and performance.

SPOR 2011 presents a range of works and experiences by recognized local and  international as well as young talents within the fields of dance, music and sound art; amongst others: Benoit Maubrey (US/DE), Bent Sørensen (DK), Ellen Fellmann (DE), Joanna Bailie (UK/BE), Joel Cahen (IL/UK), Juliana Hodkinson (UK), Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin (DE), Lynn Pook (FR/DE), Mette Ingvartsen (DK), MoHa (NO), Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen (DK), Simon Steen-Andersen (DK), Sven Åke Johansson (SE/DE), Voz Nueva (DK) and many more.

Welcome to SPOR 2011!

- Anna Berit Asp Christensen og Anne Marqvardsen