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Anat Ben-David
Performance Saturday 12 May 20:00 at Granhøj Dans
External link: www.yippieyeah.co.uk/anat
Anat Ben-David
Artist, performer (IL/UK), 1970

How would you characterize the artistic potential? 
The artistic potential is in flux, in movement, between mediums, between ideas, philosophies, trends… its never static, not a final conclusion, therefore hard to penetrate, but also amazing in its ability to bring forwards, new forms new capacities. There are statements-manifestos in art or ideologies- those are potentials- statements of actions, but never the whole truth- or at least not in its entirety.

Because the artistic potential is in flux, and for ever- in movement- entering new collisions between entities- art is, by definition, iinspiring, not only because of the new potentials revealed, but also because of its freedom to; not become one thing- a static entity, not to ‘choose’ entirely, it moves on, this is inspiring because this means that there is always other things to find and experience or work with.

What opportunities, qualities or restrictions do you experience in the sound as material? 
Sound is the ultimate material that is in constant flux, it changes in time, and has the ability to change other materials, consisting of it, or that it comes in contact with, it’s the closest material to electricity or molecular movement in that it is a force, that’s very much there- though unseen, or rather- its impact is very much a powerful one, though it is invisible, therefore, it is a powerful material that can interact and change other materials that come in contact with it, and produces unexpected realities. I’m interested in the way sound fluctuates, how meaning is formed through the direction of electricity- going  through concepts, I’m interested in how sound become music, I’m interested in the politics that relate to sound, noise and music and its powerful potential to illuminate entities and to create inspiration.

In my current work I use sound as an adhesive for meaning that comes out of performance, to be more precise, I’m interested in the potentials arising from the sound of words. The sound of words that create images or a character and through it, I could express movement and vocal. I recently started using sound materials coming out of my activity to create ‘music’ by shifting the l’ive space sound, for example, through ‘effects’ and processes, such as: midi triggering- playing the very movement of sound, as if it was an instrument, in actual fact, this is what music is- a shifting of sound through objects or ‘effects’ that create different movements in the air , generating notes and  music.

The reality of my daily life, is that I cant be doing music or art all the time…(although id love to) therefore a lot of the work is done by thinking. It is amazing how when a concept is well thought over- and over again, it produces potential scenarios, situations, and then, when there is time; it become more effective to try out stuff, I find that process, very useful- to think, on the other hand,I also love to just throw my- self into the unknown and improvise with a basic structures and just see what comes out. I use it like a sketch book, that later finds its way into one of my pieces.

What do you think characterizes a successful work?
Successful work often seems simple and obvious, as if it was always there, no one really sweated over it or even, created it, it just exists, this is an image I have when I come across successful work- seemingly there is no effort in it, as if it was absolute, so successful work should have, at least an element of this simplicity or truth (because truth is simple). In my own work, I find that the simple is the most effective too, but that simplicity often comes after long repeated trials.

In terms of content or genre that is emotionally ‘touching’, again, a work that doesn’t try to hard to ‘say something’, that there is a plain truth to it, will be effective, though, it’s hard to reach that simplicity, as there is a paradox, it seems as if often these truths don’t come out of our complex analytic way of thinking, but, a more unprocessed- un-opinionated, perhaps unconscious nature.

What does folk culture represent for you?
I suppose folk culture has the potential to have this magical simplicity, I’ve described in the previous answer, as culturally (historically), Folk functions as an essential part of life its meant to resolve, to bring people together, to heal, it comes out of simple needs and tends to simple essential wants- its like remedy, therefore needs to ‘hit the spot’ it has to be effective as it has a real function- its part of life, its simple and true.

But I would also ask, what does folk represent today? There is a lot of references from the past, as to what folk music used to be, folk is often an ‘Image’, there are new interpretations of folk music- which stems away from what I see as folk music, it is more of, an attempt to re-generate or update the old traditional music- to create variations or interpretations. Or when folk is referenced in music in a post- modern way- that becomes a political statment. What is the folk music of our culture or generation? (Western, fast driven, digital contemporary culture?) is there such a thing? Or, perhaps folk become a genre of music emulating the sounds of the past?

I would ask this as an inspiring collision- what is the ‘folk’ of the digital era? Perhaps Noise? I have to think about it…