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Hugo Morales Murguia
Koncert lørdag 12. maj kl. 20:00 på Granhøj Dans
Eksternt link: www.hugomorales.org
Hugo Morales Murguia
Komponist (MX/NL), 1979
How would you characterize the artistic potential?
I believe in the old notion that everything can be a work of art, ”beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. What art does is consciously (or sometimes unconsciously) re-organising, arranging or simply pinpointing stuff that is already out there. In that sense art can be as powerful or as insignificant as the spectator decides it to be.  It has the power to create revolutions or simply go unnoticed; I tend to think that the difference is a matter of chance, luck and good timing.

What opportunities, qualities or restrictions do you experience in the sound as material?
An important subject in my work is the generation of complex sound structures (“noise”) with conventional/ traditional instruments, from my perspective a fascinating subject involving its own problems, paradigms and multiple solutions. Subjects which I try to explore in each of my works and in different ways.

What do you think characterizes a successful work?
Personally a successful work to me is when I managed to finish on time, 95% of what I wrote is possible and 5% sounds better than I imagined. I do not recall meeting these three characteristics at the same time in any of my works yet, and that is maybe why I keep on trying.
On the works of colleagues and other disciplines I normally enjoy when there is a clear dialogue between the material, the tools and the idea. I find these pieces the most resonant in my own work.

What does folk culture represent for you?
I think that artists are inevitably influenced by their surroundings, and all those day-by-day experiences and interactions with a particular environment accumulate and filter out in many different ways to the creative process. In that sense folk culture, and in particular folk music, is the origin of all music. Nonetheless, the way an artist decides to force its nationality into its own work as a distinctive musical element is of course a personal choice, I prefer to believe in the universality of art and the constant flow of conscious and unconscious decisions and influences persistently in secret dialogue determining an art work.