SPOR is a festival in Aarhus, Denmark, for contemporary music and sound art. SPOR is a festival that thematises, actualizes and promotes the arts. SPOR creates a platform for stronger connections to the international sound art and music scenes - and therefore fruitful exchange that can inspire artists and further develop the Danish contemporary music. 

SPOR was held in 2005 for the first time under the leadership of Thomas Agerfeld Olsen with the composer Niels Rønsholdt as curator. Since June 2007 Anne Marqvardsen and Anna Berit Asp Christensen have been the festival directors of SPOR.

Aarhus as the host for SPOR festival originates from a long tradition. Aarhus has a long tradition as a forward looking and visionary platform for the contemporary music and sound art. This position was especially established via the annual NUMUS festival - established and realized by the composer Karl Aage Rasmussen over a period of 25 years, from 1978-2002. 

Besides the festival activities SPOR is the initiator for other activities, which go beyond the festival. SPOR is putting an effort into launching some new activities: New Music Easter School – A composition school for kids, SPORLab – A communication laboratory focusing on innovative communication of new music, SPORSatelite – A 24 hour event that exposes part of the festival in other cities and countries.

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Behind SPOR stands a Board, made up of people from the Danish and Nordic music scenes: 

- Anna Berit Asp Christensen, festival director (chairman)

- Anne Marqvardsen, festival director

- Jens Voigt Lund/composer and editor of 

- Lasse Laursen/composer and teacher at the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus

- Rune Søchting/electronic composer and musician, Co-ordinator of the Nordic Sound Art MA study program

SPOR collaborates every year with a guest curator or a curator team, selected by the festival directors and in consultation with the board.

This ensures that each year the festival changes tracks and keeps away from the habitual thinking it is trying to avoid. SPOR is the only festival in Europa with this concept.

The guest curator for SPOR 2012 is Norwegian composer
Lars Petter Hagen.