15:00-19:00 at Godsbanen, Den Rå Hal


Sound installation - an almost architectural unfolding of sonic space.

Marina Rosenfeld: P.A.

15:00-19:00 at Godsbanen, Foyer

Touching From A Distance

Video installation - Mariachi meets Joy Division’s song Transmission

Angel Nevarez & Valerie Tevere: Touching From A Distance

17:00-19:00 at the Exhibition Space Spanien 19C

OPENING SPOR 2012 - The Songs of the Songless

Sound installation about 'the voice of the people'

Jette Hye Jin Mortensen: The Songs of the Songless

20:00 at Granhøj Dans


Johannes Kreidler: Outsourcing/Fremdarbeit
Johannes Kreidler: Kinect Studies #1
Johannes Kreidler: Charts Music
Johannes Kreidler: Kinect Studies #2
Johannes Kreidler: Study for piano, audio and video
Johannes Kreidler: Money

Ensemble: SCENATET

21:30 at Granhøj Dans

Frame stroke, power stroke

Hardanger fiddle and langspil anno 2012

Hafdis Bjarnadottir, Ole Henrik Moe og Kari Rønnekleiv: Rammaslagir, rafmagnslag/Frame Stroke, Power Stroke

20:00-24:00 at the roof of the Music House

Light and voices

Sound installation with light, voices and poetry

Elle-Mie Ejdrup Hansen & Marie Højlund: LYS

> Dreamers Circus