Opførelse: Alle dage kl 15:00-19:00 på Godsbanen, Den Rå Hal.
Kunstner: Marina Rosenfeld
Medvirkende: Okkyung Lee
NOTICE: Live performance 11. May at 16.30 with cellist Okkyung Lee.

Marina Rosenfeld is an artist based in New York. Her hybrid visual-musical works have been at the forefront of the redefinition of musical practice within the field of contemporary art since the ’90s. Her performances, sound installations and objects, including lenticular photographs produced in tandem with vinyl LP compositions, and custom loudspeakers deployed in public and often monumental spaces, have aimed to recast social and sculptural relations as musical, blurring the line demarcating the improvised or incidental from the composed.

For SPOR 2012, Marina Rosenfeld will create a new version of ‘P.A.’, a work first exhibited in 2009, in which a customized P.A. or public-address system--that is, a network of loudspeakers customarily used to amplify and diffuse public speech--is deployed in idiosyncratic fashion within resonant public or semi-public space. Rosenfeld’s ‘P.A.’, composed in part on site and recalling elements from earlier versions-- in New York's famed Park Avenue Armory in 2009, and a historic labor market-turned-car park in Liverpool in 2010-- will occupy Aarhus's vast Godsbanen, dispersing sound into the site’s perimeter. ?

On Friday May 11, a live performance by Rosenfeld and cellist Okkyung Lee responds to the installation’s temporary occupation of the site, further exploring the complex, distorting relationship of space and amplification.