Opførelse: maj kl 15:00-19:00 på Godsbanen
Touching From A Distance
(2008) 5’45”
Two-channel video projection.
With the participation of Mariachi Ciudad de Guadalajara (interpreting Joy Division’s 1979 song ‘Transmission’).

‘Touching From A Distance’ focuses on the fragmentation of public space and the varying uninhibited actors simultaneously occupying the space of Plaza de la Liberación in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico at a particular moment; yet, all the while, touching from a distance in their constituent interests and concerns. 

As a Mariachi band dressed in traditional attire interprets and performs Joy Division's song, Transmission, a protest against the inefficient use of regional public funds transpires. The work vacillates between the spatial simultaneity of performance, protest, and public use, and looks to Plaza de la Liberación as a stage and locale for enunciative acts and musical contravention.