Opførelse: Performance lørdag 12. maj fra kl. 11:00 på Aarhus Kunstakademi
(2012), uropførelse
unter – under 

Haltung – position (political, philosophical); posture (political, philosophical, physical) 

Unterhaltung – entertainment

Unter-haltung emphasizes sense perception as a call for a heightened sensibility in relation to mass culture’s bombastic accords. It creates a visually and sonically reduced world that allows even the quietest sound and minimal light to gain in significance.

Unter-haltung is a reflective reaction towards the social and cultural expectations for ever more frequent and extraordinary experiences. It confronts these issues by proposing an alternative, yet equally rich, experience: an intimate, detailed, immersive micro experience.

The piece is commissioned by SPOR in connection to 'Call for Proposals 2012'.