10:00-18:00, Aarhus Academy of Art

Critique of Instrumental Reason

Sound installation (by the use of electric guitar)

Artist: Seth Kim-Cohen

11:00-17:00, Spanien 19B


1:1 performance installation

There is room for only one person in the installation at a time
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Artist: Matthias Schack-Arnott

12:00, 14:00, 16:00, Aarhus Academy of Art

Remember Me

An opera in a desk

There is room for 20 people at each performance
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Artist: Claudia Molitor

12:00-17:00, SpLab, The Jutland Art Academy

TRACES of diversity

SPOR at 'Mejlgade for Mangfoldighed'
Concerts, talks and installation

Performers: Anna Katrin Egilstrød, Sandra Boss, Simon Roy Christensen, Christian Tscherning Larsen, Sofia Fuss, Emilia Makowka, Marie Sønderskov, Jeppe Ernst, Kaj Duncan David

12:00-18:00, Aarhus Academy of Art

Echoic Memory

Sound & video installation from 'Call for Proposals 2013'

Artist: Martyna Poznanska

13:00-17:00, Exhibition Space Spanien 19C


Site specific sound installation from 'Call for Proposals 2013'

Artist: Crys Cole

13:00-17:00, Rum46

Dodona & Norms of Transposition

Sound & video exhibition

Artist: Yannis Kyriakides

13:00-17:00, Kunsthal Aarhus, Project Room

Covered, Uncovered

Documentary installation

Sound artist: Kirsten Reese

13:00-17:00, Mellemarmen, Aarhus Harbour

no voice audible but that of the sea on the far side

Site specific sound installation in Cofferdam

Sound artist: Kirsten Reese

15:00, Rum46

Artist talk Yannis Kyriakides

Artist talk by Yannis Kyriakides in connection to the installations Dodona & Norms of Transposition

20:00, Granhøj Dans


Concert with works from 'Call for Proposals 2013'

Christian Winther Christensen: Six Preludes
Lula Romero: desencuentros
Abel Paúl: 00º33'45”N 00º45'33”W

Piano duo: Duo Cacio e Pepe

22:30, Vor Frue Kirke


Concert and world premiere

Musical consultant: Niels Rønsholdt

Percussion: Anette Bachhman Jørgensen, Mathias Sørensen, Jonas Thygesen og Synne Skagen
Composer: Jacob Kirkegaard
Ensemble: SCENATET

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