13:00-15:00, The Royal Academy of Music, Kammersalen

A Game of Wondering and Deciding

A Research in Scenic Anthropology

Seminar with festival artist Manos Tsangaris

13:00-17:00, Rum46

Dodona & Norms of Transposition

Sound & video exhibition

Artist: Yannis Kyriakides

13:00-17:00, Kunsthal Aarhus, Project Room

Covered, Uncovered

Documentary installation

Sound artist: Kirsten Reese

16:00-19:00, Mellemarmen/Aarhus havn, Exhibition Space Spanien 19C and 19B

Opening SPOR 2013

Festival opening and Exhibition tour

16:00 at the cofferdam at Aarhus Harbour/Mellemarmen with sound installation no voice audible but that of the sea on the far side by Kirsten Reese.

17:00-19:00 at Spanien 19C og 19B with the sound installation Tracings by Crys Cole and the performance Chrysalis by Matthias Schack-Arnott

20:00, Granhøj Dans

Opening concert SPOR 2013 - A long way away & Black Box Music

Concert with danish premieres

Sarah Nemtsov: Uddrag af Poker, Briefe, A long way away a.o.
Simon Steen-Andersen: Black Box Music

Solist: Håkon Stene
Soloist: Petteri Pitko
Ensemble: Århus Sinfonietta

22:00-23:00, Granhøj Dans


Concert for one lamp, two glockenspiel and a limited number of audiences at a time

Performers: Simon Løffler, Matias Seibæk & Ying-Hsueh Chen

Composer: Simon Løffler

> Dodona & Norms of Transposition
> Matthias Schack-Arnott