Performance at: Saturday 11 May at 20:00 at Granhøj Dans
Artist: Abel Paúl
Performers: Duo Cacio e Pepe
00º33'45”N 00º45'33”W
(2013) World Premiere 14”

Abel Paúl’s piece is based on the sonic extension of the piano by the use of to record players. The vinyls and piano defines an “artificial space” that is built musically between the piano and the record players by the use of analogies, repetitions of the same materials or by the continuation of musical lines or fragments. This artificial space also evolves between the two record players, but . The analogies are however challenged by the individual nuances and the fragile dissimilarities generated by each individual device. In order to stress their insularity, each phonograph plays a differently tuned record, a few centimeters away from each other, as if distance in space would imply a direct correlation in tuning.

”I like to think of the record players as small “time machines” that take us back to a near past, to a tangential state of memory which is challenged by the immediateness of the music, by its own articulation and bond to the present time,” Abel Paúl says about his piece.

Sponsored by Pianokompagniet

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