Performance at: Every day between 13:00-17:00 at The Exhibition Space Spanien 19C
Artist: Crys Cole
Performers: Crys Cole
(2013) World premiere

Crys Cole's artwork is created for specifically for SPOR festival 2013 and is part of a series of site-specific works (Tracings) that explore the sonic geography of a given space through simple discreet actions, i.e. sweeping the floor, which Cole does in the artwork Sweeper (2009).

"In the days leading up to the festival I will inhabit Spanien 19 C, performing and recording simple acoustic actions in the space that respond directly to the resonance,  environmental sounds and materials that define the gallery. These actions will be captured and projected back into the space in my absence, revealing a unique aural sketch of the gallery," says Cole.

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