Performance at: Every day at Spanien 19B
Chrysalis premiered at the 2012 Next Wave Festival to capacity audiences. The artwork explores the archetypal human emotions that are triggered by confined spaces. Percussionist Matthias Schack-Arnott has collaborated with Büro Architects to create a unique structure that is both a percussion instrument and an architectural micro-space. Alone and enclosed in complete darkness, one person at a time experiences the work from inside the structure. Matthias uses unconventional percussive techniques and falling materials to perform on the exterior walls, creating an immersive composition that references pre-natal experience and live burial.

The project was described as ‘remarkable’ by celebrated Australian composer/performer Brett Dean, who praised ‘the combination of its ingenious construction and concept, specific performance dramaturgy and immaculately fine execution... a fine tuning of the ears that stays long in the memory.'

There is room for only one person in the installation at a time.
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Supported by Arts Victoria

> 00º33'45”N 00º45'33”W
> Petteri Pitko