Performance at: Lørdag 11 May at 12:00, 14:00, 16:00 at Århus Kunstakademi
Artist: Claudia Molitor
Performers: Claudia Molitor
Remember Me ...
(2012) Denmark premiere
In 2008 Claudia Molitor inherited a writing desk from her grandmother. Upon opening it and exploring the contents, Molitor realised that the inside of this desk was the only physical space that her grandmother could have truly called 'her own'. Fascinated by this notion, immersed in Cavarero's writings on the female voice, baffled by the amount of Opera being written in the 21st century, re-reading Dido and Eurydice's respective myths and listening to Gluck and Purcell's operas, Molitor set out to find her own particular way to engage with the idea of opera. What has emerged is a miniature, intimate and immersive journey into an imaginary world, as you can experience in Remember Me ...

There is room for 20 people at each performance
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