Performance at: Saturday 11 May at 20:00 at Granhøj Dans
Artist: Erik Bünger
Performers: Duo Cacio e Pepe
The Empire Never Ended
(2013) Denmark premiere
The Empire Never Ended is a transcription, from beginning to end, of a man speaking in tongues on a recording from 1948. He is believed to be in a state of trance and his vocalizations haven’t been recognized as belonging to any known human language. We know nothing about the mother tongue of the speaker, nor do we know anything about his particular faith.

During a performance of the piece the original recording is played back in a speaker system while the musicians follow the recording and the notation as closely as possible in unison and octaves. The piece operates at the intersection where complete control and complete lack of control coincide. To perform the piece the musicians will have to summon all their precision and all their concentration. At the same time they will have to put these very same abilities in the hands of a power beyond any human control. A power we know nothing about.

The Ensemble Never Ended was originally written for Ensemble Modern and commissioned by the BHF-Bank-Stiftung for Frankfurter Positionen 2013.

Sponsored by Pianokompagniet

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