Performance at: Friday 10 May at 20:00 at Granhøj Dans
SPOR proudly presents an evening of instrumental works, in which the production and resonance of sound arise from completely diverse relations between instrument and performer. Each work is on or at the edge of sound, music, resonance or instrumental performance.

Concert with solo cello, video, electronics and solo piano

Yannis Kyriakides Words and Song Without Words (2012)
Enno Poppe Arbeit (2007)
Klaus Lang Der schlafende Landmann der Baum des Lebens und die Schalen der Finsternis (1998)
Marianthi Papalexandri - Alexandri Solo for motors and resonant body (2012)
Wolfgang Heiniger Sehnsucht (2009)

Yannis Kyriakides’ work Words and Song Without Words projects a letter written by Félix Mendelssohn, bringing the sound of a cello lightly accompanied by sine tones into a field of comparison between what level of understanding we may glean from, respectively, words and instrumental music.

In Enno Poppe’s Arbeit, the feverish productivity of Robinson Crusoe and the fast scribbling of his creator Daniel Defoe are the point of departure for a frantic microtonal keyboard scrabble. The Hammond organ’s multiple keyboard layout and music-hall timbre combine to reference a kind of Vaudeville staging of the novel, with the performer cast as a kind of merged Defoe/Crusoe scrambling over a novel landscape of microtonally redistributed keys.

Entirely the opposite is the case in both Klaus Lang and Marianthi Pappalexandri-Alexandri’s works, which in each their separate ways require entirely reduced forms of concentration, focus and gestural and muscular control. In Der schlafende Landmann der Baum des Lebens und die Schalen der Finsternis, the piano is a piano is a piano is a piano, whereas in Solo an electronic sculpture rigged inside the instrument is the main protagonist, facilitated by the resonance of the piano, and serviced with great restraint by the pianist.

In Heiniger’s Sehnsucht, the electro-mechanical resonance aspect extends from the piano into the performance space, activating self-playing snare drums.

Sponsored by Pianokompagniet
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> Petteri Pitko