Performance at: Saturday 11 May at 20:00 at Granhøj Dans
Artist: Lula Romero
Performers: Duo Cacio e Pepe
(2013) World Premiere
The piece “desencuentros” (2012-13) for two pianos and live-electronics, explores the well known phenomenon of sound being affected by the architectural and acoustic surroundings (hall-place-context) in which it is produced. I want to accentuate this phenomenon, through the transformation of the sound of the instruments with electronics in real-time and explore its acoustics and structural possibilities. The main idea is thus to introduce the spatial context as a parameter of the sound and connect it with the structure of the piece.

“desencuentros” means disagreements, lack of agreement or understanding, but also, failed or disappointing meetings, missed encounters. Something very dear in the Spanish language are puns. So desencuentros also refers to des–encontrarse; delocalized, alienated (encontrarse = to be in a certain place or state, des = negation). The piece, through an elaborate structure that put in relation sound material and space, will demand from the listener not to passively consume the piece, but to consider it as a site of active exploration. The piece invites us to follow it until the end, to encounter it, through the initial “desencuentros”. The piece is in seeks becoming a place to encounter the other, to become something fragile and impossible, an event.

Sponsored by Pianokompagniet

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