Performance at: Saturday 11 May at 22:30 at Vor Frue Kirke
(2013) Denmark premiere
In collaboration with Danish ensemble Scenatet, Jacob Kirkegaard's piece ‘Church’ is interpreted here using classical instruments. The intention of this transformation into an instrumental score is to explore the musical dimension and potential of the sounds that were used in creating the original work.

Church (from "4 Rooms", Touch, 2006) is originally based on ambient recordings of an abandoned church inside the radioactive zone in Chernobyl. Like most of Kirkegaard's sound works, both pieces are characterized by a strong focus on methodology, and by the artist's wish to omit any deliberate emotional or "musical" intention.

Performed by
Jacob Kirkegaard

The percussion class from The Royal Academy of Music
Anette Bachman Jørgensen, Mathias Sørensen, Jonas Thygesen and Synne Skagen

My Hellgren, cello
Mads Bendsen, percussion
Vicky Wright, clarinet
Andras Olsen, trombone

Musical consultant: Composer Niels Rønsholdt
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