Performance at: Every day outdoor at Mellemarmen, Aarhus Harbour
Artist: Kirsten Reese
no voice audible but that of the sea on the far side

Kirsten Reeses sound installation takes place inside a cofferdam she discovered at the Mellemarmen headland at Aarhus harbour. The cofferdam has a structure that looks weirdly beautiful and fascinating, it serves a purpose that has to do with sound respectively sound reduction and sound ecology. The cofferdam is a prototype for a sound-damping system to reduce the noise level during offshore wind turbine pile driving, which is believed to cause hearing damage to marine mammals, and possibly has other negative effects on smaller ocean creatures like fish that are not yet known. Because of its cylindrical shape, the inside of the cofferdam also has a very unique and specific acoustic.

”The sounds of the installation are based on fish voices - before my research for this project, I had no idea how untrue the expression 'as mute as a fish' actually is!”, says Kirsten Reese about her artwork at SPOR festival.

In collaboration with Lo-Noise ApS. Supported by Aarhus 2017, Århus Kommune
Kulturudviklingspulje and The Danish Arts Council

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