Performance at: Every day at Rum46
Dodona & Norms of Transposition
Dodona is an installation for fan, microphone, sound and video projection based on surviving questions submitted to the ancient oracle at Dodona in north-west Greece. This was an ancient wind oracle which gave answers through the priestess and priests interpretation of the rustling of the leaves of an oak tree. The queries, mostly of a personal nature, would range from whether one should act to change a particular situation: marriage, job opportunities, health, travel, money, to questions about suspected crimes, trustworthiness of siblings and even slave ownership. In the piece, the questions are encoded in music on one side of the projection and then answered on the otherside by ‘fake’ wind sound created by a fan on a microphone. This sound is put through a computer algorithm and converted to text.

Norms of Transposition (Citizenship)
Questions are posed on a monitor, ranging from the personal to the political; these are questions one would face in a European citizenship test to more general questions about culture and language and trick questions that challenge one's understanding of the social norms of a culture. These questions appear word for word and are encoded directly into music, which the spectator hears translated into piano notes. At the spectator’s side of the table is a piano-keyboard. The idea is that the spectator is invited to input his/her answers to these questions. If the keys of the keyboard are pressed – one does not hear sound but sees words appear on the screen. The way the words are mapped to the piano-keyboard is never totally clear to the spectator, and if one tries to answer with something coherent, one is frustrated.

Please note: Artist talk by Yannis Kyriakides 11 May at 15:00
at Rum46

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