Performance at: Sunday 12 May at 12:00-15:00 at Teater Refleksion
Artist: Manos Tsangaris
Performers: SCENATET
TINY and other Music Theatre Miniatures
Denmark premiere
Double for two singers end light (from Diskrete Stücke 2007)
Schäfchenbühne for objects (from Die-Döner-Schaltung 2004)
winzig for ensemble (from winzig 1993)
SPOR presents four miniatures based on Tsangaris’ piece winzig (tiny) from 1993. Winzig consists of several pieces for very small audiences, each one a ”Gesamtkunstwerk” itself which always brings the recipient to the center of the piece. According to Tsangaris publicness nowadays has changed radically: it’s not the open space (”Agora”) anymore but everything that follows us where ever we are (i.e. in private spaces) …
“The one constant in the piece is the scale of the human body and its perceptual apparatus. By the end of the performance we are aware that we ourselves are the instruments upon which Tsangaris has been playing.“
- Nick Till, Professor of Music, University of Sussex
Ensemble, winzig: SCENATET and guests
Performers, Double: Angelica Larsson Asp & Per Jellum
Performers, Schäfchenbühne: Markus Oppenländer & Eva Maria Müller
Composition/stage direction: Manos Tsangaris
Production Management: Martin Schmitz

Please note: there is only room for a limited number of audiences at the performances of each miniature. For this reason waiting time can occur. The four miniatures will be performed repeatedly from 12:00-15:00.

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