Performance at: Thursdag 9 May at 22:00 at Granhøj Dans
Artist: Simon Løffler
(2013) World premiere

Simon Løffler’s piece is inseparable from the particular way in which it is heard. It is a piece to be listened to with … well, yes, your teeth! Its context is part of the music, and so is the body that listens. There is nothing new to this as such, according to Løffler himself. He does not see it as an opportunity to listen in a different way, perception not being his main interest. Rather, he sees it as an opportunity to place both the compositional act and its reception under heavy restrictions. Restrictions that create potential: If music can only be heard in a very specific way, what is then the approach that could make this specificity seem necessary?

The concert will be performed 3 times between 22:00-23:00. Please note that there is only room for a maximum of 35 people at a time.

Supported by the Danish Arts Foundation

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