Artist: Seth Kim-Cohen
Critique of Instrumental Reason (by the use of electric guitar)
Performance (2013) World premiere
Seth Kim-Cohen describes his artwork quoting William Fossett:

"Tease apart the threads of the natural world and the pattern vanishes. The design is in how the cloth-maker arranges the threads: this way and that, as fashion dictates. To say something is meaningful is to say that that is how we arrange it so; how we comprehend it to be, and what is comprehended by you or I may not be by a cat, for example. If a tree falls in a park and there is no-one to hand, it is silent and invisible and nameless. And if we were to vanish, there would be no tree at all; any meaning would vanish along with us. Other than what the cats make of it all, of course."

- William Fossett Natural States, 1754

Kim-Cohen's artwork is a durational performed installation for electric guitar and amplifier. It is part two of an ongoing series, the first of which was Critique of Instrumental Reason (by the use of drums), presented at Diapason Gallery, NYC, in 2010.

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