Performance at: Saturday May 11, Granhøj Dans
Performers: Duo Cacio e Pepe
Pieces from SPORs Call for Proposals 2013
Christian Winther Christensen Six preludes (2012), 12”
Lula Romero desencuentros World Premiere (2013), 14”
Erik Bünger THE EMPIRE NEVER ENDED Denmark Premiere (2013), 8”
Abel Paúl 00º33'45”N 00º45'33”W World Premiere (2013), 15”

Each year SPOR invites composers and sound artists from all over the world to submit a proposal for a new work to be realized at SPOR. These four selected pieces from this year’s Call explore the grand piano and how it can be put into brand new contexts that explore the peripheries of the music of this classical instrument.

Six Preludes for solo piano and max/MSP, is described by Christian Winther Christensen as 'an overdimensioned "piano"-piece'. It is performed on a grand piano entirely ‘masked’ in masking tape. The six preludes are an artistic monument of the romantic piano and its many stories. It is part of a piano cycle of 24 preludes to be produced over a period of 5 years.

desencuentros is scored for two pianos and live electronics and explores the well-known phenomenon of sound being affected by the architectural and acoustic surroundings (hall/place/context) in which it is produced. The idea is to introduce the spatial context as a parameter of sound and connect it with the structure of the piece. “Desencuentros” means disagreements, lack of agreement or understanding, but also failed or disappointing meetings, missed encounters. The piece demands the listener to consider it as a site of active exploration, a place for encountering the other.

The Empire Never Ended is a transcription, from beginning to end, of a man speaking in tongues on a recording from 1948. He is believed to be in a state of trance and his vocalizations are not recognized as belonging to any known human language. We know nothing about the mother tongue of the speaker, nor do we know anything about his particular faith. During the performance the original recording is played back in a speaker system while the musicians follow the recording and notation as closely as possible. The piece operates at the intersection of where complete control and complete lack of control coincide. To perform the piece the musicians have to summon all their precision and concentration. At the same time they will have to put these very same abilities in the hands of a power beyond any human control. A power we know nothing about. The piece was originally written for Ensemble Modern and commissioned by the BHF-Bank-Stiftung for Frankfurter Positionen 2013.

00º33'45”N 00º45'33”W is based on sonic extension of the piano by the use of record players. The vinyls and piano define an “artificial space” built musically between the piano and the record players by the use of analogies, repetitions of the same materials or by the continuation of musical lines or fragments. This artificial space also evolves between the two record players. However, the analogies are challenged by the individual nuances and fragile dissimilarities generated by each individual device. In order to stress their insularity, each phonograph plays a differently tuned record and it seems if distance in space would imply a direct correlation in tuning. The record players can be considered as small “time machines” that take us back to a near past, to a tangential state of memory that is challenged by the immediacy of the music.

Performed by Duo Cacio e Pepe, Kristoffer Hyldig & Manuel Esperilla, piano

The Jury for SPOR’s Call for Proposals 2013 was: Juliana Hodkinson (UK, Guest-curator SPOR 2013 and composer), Jacob Kirkegaard (DK, composer and sound artist), Peter Ablinger (DE, composer), Björn Gottstein (DE, journalist), Manuel Esperilla (DK, musician), Anne Marqvardsen & Anna Berit Asp Christensen (DK, festival directors SPOR).

Sponsored by Pianokompagniet

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