Performance at: Thursday 9 May kl. 13:00-15:00, The Royal Academy of Music, Kammersalen
Performers: Manos Tsangaris
Subtheme: A Research in Scenic Anthropology
A Game of Wondering and Deciding
Seminar with Manos Tsangaris

At this seminar Manos Tsangaris invites you to think about contemporary music theatre in general, media art, analogies and scene. He will present his own artistic practice and discuss how our consciousness, language and daily life, the publicness, privacy and society affect the artwork itself (the "Werk", the "Gesamtkunstwerk"). Manos Tsangaris presents a scenic anthropological examination of the conditions of possibility for a rendition or performance, or of rendering it at all. Rendition in the broader sense is at the same time the presence of that which appears, and a perforation (a performance). Looking at it this way, when would it be possible for a glance at a smartphone to become – a performance?

In collaboration with The Royal Academy of Music

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