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Concerts with Scenatet 7th and 8th of May
External link: www.scenatet.dk

In 2008 Niels Rønholdt and Anna Berit Asp Christensen initiated SCENATET - a scene for contemporary music and art. Scenatet are active inventors and mediators of contemporary music. Scenatet sees contemporary music as a living and challenging point of departure for meetings across fields and between different cultural standpoints. Scenatet explores the genre’s potential and is at the forefront of creative, musical innovation. Scenatet is a gathering point for a wide range of participants which in different ways can contribute to making musik more than a sound universe and the experience to more than a concert. 

SCENATET wishes to create and mediate genre-breaking art-music universes and stories. By attracting strong talents within the contemporary music and art scene we attempt to perform and mediate the best, the peculiar, the essential and the strange. Scenatet wishes to be a passionate and ambitious ensemble on behalf of both the performers and the audience. We burn for that we do and dare to believe in the oblique idea and taking chances. Scenatet is an inclusive ensemble which wishes to reflect a creative environment in which the sky is the limit. Our goal is to be creative – and innovative!

SCENATET works with a wide range of artists and composers from both locally and abroad. As such they will in the time to come release the CD Fish & Fowl on Dacapo Records – a collaboration between, amongst others, the poet Ursula Andkjær Olsen, premiere an opera by the pathbreaking Greek-French composer George Aperghis in collaboration with the instructor Lore Lixenberg, tour with their innovative Documentary Concert to, amongst others, the Huddersfield Festival – Englands largest contemporary music festival as well as give the premiere of Camera Obscura - a work composed by the young British composer Joanna Bailie.

Bent Sørensen is composer in residence for SCENATET from Nov. 2011- Aug. 2013. SCENATET is Ensemble In Residence at the Aarhus Art Building in 2011.

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