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Alexander Khubeev
Alexander Khubeev
Composer (RU), 1986

Alexander Khubeev is originally form the Russian city Perm, but moved to Moscow to study classic and electronic composition at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory. During his studies, Alexander became an important part of the Russian capital’s scene of contemporary compositional music, and already before he graduated from the conservatory Alexander’s works had been performed by a wide range of both Russian and international ensembles of new music. Because of a close collaboration between Alexander Khubeev and the Russian ensemble GAMEnsemble, in 2011 Alexander was appointed composer in residence for the ensemble, and thereby he went through a thorough and intense exploration of the relation between work and performance. 

When Alexander Khubeev composes, it is often with a great curiosity towards new performative techniques and materials. He uses and explores classical as well as whole new, self-built instruments to find new timbres, pitches or textures in music.