10:00 - 17:00
Kunsthal Aarhus
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A new installation based on the role of sound in our modern surveillance society. 

Composer and artist: Zeno van den Broek

Open all hours
BOX - LYNfabrikken
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Everybody can be present

A 7-day long live performance, exploring and exhibiting the facets of the everyday on the boarder between the private and public space.

Every day, Jagoda Szmytka explores a different theme of daily life, which every night at 9 PM will be compressed into a short performance in collaboration with the local guest performer, John DeMix :

Day 1: REAL FAKE: Real sleep with real hug

Day 2: TRANSIT: Drawing home

Day 3: INSTANT: Selfie party

Day 4: DIVERTIMENTO: Gaming day

Day 5: OVERWHELMING: Psychological tests

Day 6: NON-LINEAR: Life storytelling

Day 7: EMOTIONAL HARDCORE: Free expression

Composer, performer and artist: Jagoda Szmytka

Various locations, Aarhus C
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The AcouSuit

Experience the world's first garment, capable of transforming and shaping your acoustic environment - exactly how you want it to.

Composer and performer: Nico Sauer

Bridge between Immervad and Frederiksgade
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Sustained Effort

With the help of an over-dimensioned, organ-inspired instrument, the public space of Aarhus is besieged and occupied. 

Artist and organ builder: Ea Borre
Composer and sound artist: Sandra Boss

16:00 - 18:30
Tickets are available at the SPOR ticket sale at DOKK1

PLEASE NOTE: Registration for HOME is necessary due to limited capacity

Living Spaces

The library DOKK1 is transformed into a vivid staging of the everyday, with moments of wonder and magic.

Pianist: Lenio Liatsou
Composer: Manos Tsangaris
Ensemble : SCENATET
Conductor : Vivianne Sydnes

Free entrance

HYSTERONS: Opening ceremony

Come join the official opening of Bergrún Snæbjörnsdóttir's mesmerizing installation HYSTERONS.

Composer and sound artist: Bergrún Snæbjörnsdóttir

Godsbanen - Åbne Scene
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De fire Årstider

Danish premiere of Bent Sørensen's piece De fire Årstider, with text by writer Tomas Espedal.

Composer: Bent Sørensen
Ensemble: POING
Writer: Tomas Espedal

Teater Refleksion
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Voila, that's my life!

An experimental performance, exploring the connection between music and the everyday life in the contemporary media society - where humor is on par with intimacy.

Composer/artist: Jagoda Szmytka