From the 8th - 14th of May SPOR festival invites everyone to visit and take part in its universe of new experimental music and sound art. This year the festival is framed by the theme EPIPHANY, which explores the magic and mystery of the everyday. SPOR festival 2017 will conquer the spaces of the everyday and shed new light upon the habits and routines of the daily life.

Through this year's theme, the private and public spaces of the daily life will be staged and re-imagined, when concerts, performances and installations cause the everyday, as we know it, to disintegrate and resurrect as something completely new, subtle or even grotesque.

Experience the creation of new connections within the everyday life. Where the familiar is turned upside down. And dive into the wondrously extraordinary within the ordinary.

The curators of SPOR 2017

The curatorial team of SPOR festival 2017 consists of the two festival directors of SPOR, Anne Marqvardsen og Anna Berit Asp Christensen. Since 2007 they have created experimental festivals with an international view, embedded in the local environment - often in collaboration with guest curators. 

This year SPOR festival is part of the European Capital of Culture - Aarhus 2017, and in interaction with the cultural capital theme LET'S RETHINK, the curatorial duo of Marqvardsen and Asp Christensen will be presenting a whole row of packed festival days, where music and art meets and leads the audience in new directions.

Artists and program

Nico Sauer (DE), Zeno van den Broek (NL), Bergrún Snæbjörnsdóttir (IS), Jagoda Szmytka (PL), Sandra Boss (DK), Ea Borre (DK), Manos Tsangaris (DE), Bent Sørensen (DK), Tomas Espedal (NO), POING (NO), Martin Andreas Hirsti-Kvam (NO), Matthew Rogers (GB), Christian Winther Christensen (DK), Leo Hofmann (CH/DE), Jeppe Ernst (DK), Murat Çolak (TR), Caroline Louise Miller (US), Alexander Khubeev (RU), Egyptian Females Experimental Music Session (EG), SPOR New Music School (DK), SCENATET (DK), Århus Sinfonietta (DK), Lenio Liatsou (GR), Yannick Hofmann (DE), Stephen Upshaw (US), Brigitta Muntendorf (DE), Ensemble Garage (DE), Vivianne Sydnes (NO), Yulia Migunova (RU), Filomena Krause (DE), Katrine Møllebæk (DK), Ying-Hsueh Chen (TW), Anna Jalving (DK).

We are very excited to present both Danish and international works of high artistic quality – as well as numerous experiments with, and across, art and the private and public spaces of everyday life. What happens when the ordinary everyday is experienced within new frames, and when hidden or subtle aspects of the daily life suddenly are exposed? Perhaps we can approach the answers to these and many other questions when SPOR festival 2017 creates a social space where audiences and artists are invited to reflect together. 

We look forward to welcome everyone in Aarhus the 8. – 14. of May 2017. 

Anne Marqvardsen og Anna Berit Asp Christensen, Festival- and Artistic Directors at SPOR.