Performance at: Kunsthal Aarhus, Saturday 13.5 and Sunday 14.5 at 14:00
A Flock of Stones

A Flock of Stones is an electronic performance by Zeno van den Broek, incorporated into Nigerian artist Otobong Nkanga’s installation The Encounter That Took a Part of Me, exhibited at Kunsthal Aarhus. Nkanga has invited Zeno van den Broek, along with other performers, to respond to the idea of the ‘taste of a stone’. Diving into this theme, Zeno van den Broek’s performance explores the auditive qualities of stones in an electronic improvisation. The principle of the fracturing of a stone into multiple smaller stones is brought into musical movements and phrases, interacting with each other and the visitors present in the environment created by Nkanga.

In collaboration with Kunsthal Aarhus

> Kanal

> Alexander Kbubeev (RU)