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Grupo Cubita
Friday the 6th of May at 20:30 at Granhøj Dans
External link: www.grupocubita.dk
Grupo Cubita
Grupo Cubita is a vivid live-orchestra, which focuses on the music from Cuba's "golden age" (cha-cha-chá, dansón, bolero and son montuno).
Anyone can sing along in songs like "Bésame Mucho", "Guantanamera", "Patricia", and "Quizás, quizás, quizás..." which stars like Doris Day and Nat King Cole have brought to immortality and international fame, and with the orchestra's traditional setting of the "Charanga" (vocals, flute, violins, piano, bass, and percussion), it is a heart-warming, soulful, genuine latin atmosphere, a sound that suits every occasion.
The orchestra is formed by some of the best latin-musicians from Cuba and Denmark, who got together in their mutual interest for promoting this special era in Cuban music, which can best be described as discreet, varied, tuneful and VERY suitable for dancing for a mature audience, who like to enjoy the best of the latin music.

Ernesto Manuitt Hernández:             Lead vocal
Carsten Kær:                                     Piano
Yasser Morejón Pino: Bass
Signe Asmussen Manuitt:                 Violin
Ingrid Hagel:                                     Violin
Charli Lázaro Ibañez:                       Flute
Yohanier Ramón Iznaga:                   Congas
Tony "El Negro" Moreaux Charón: Timbales

Supported by World Music Denmark.
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