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Claire Goldfarb
Saturday the 7th of may at 20:00 at Granhøj Dans
Claire Goldfarb
Cellist (BE)


Cello High Diploma June 2000 with teacher Marie Hallynck at the Royal Conservatory of Music of Bruxelles.

Music History first price at the CRMB in 1999.

Cello first price in Edmond Baert’s class at the CRMB in 1997.

°Concerts in orchestras and ensembles:

Several concerts with the Royal Opera of the Munt (la Monnaie) Orchestra , the Vlaamse (flanders) Opera Stichting, two seasons in the World Youth Orchestra des Jeunesses Musicales, two following years in the European Union Youth Orchestra, member of the instrumental ensemble of William Sheller (60concerts in France), concerts in the instrumental ensemble of Led Zepplin.


« Babborco » solo for cello voice and movement from 2006 until 2009.

“Nollo” first mise enscène of a duo with jugglery Pierre-Nicolas Bourcier and the clarinettist and saxophone player Yves Dellicour. Still on tour since 2009

« Quatre oreilles et un nez » (still on tour) in duo with Pierre-Nicolas Bourcier, scénographie Frank Keutgen, mise en scène Tania Malempré.

Plays music in l’ensemble Leporello for the festival d’Avignon 2010 in « la revanche de Macbeth »

Louise Beck