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Ulrich Polster
Thursday the 5 of May at 19:00 at Granhøj Dans
External link: www.ulrichpolster.com
Ulrich Polster
Video Artist (DE), 1963

How would you characterize the potential of art?
It's an individual's form of survival.

What moves you?
The rhythm with which Mikis Theodorakis secretly tapped his ruler on his desk during his exile in Zatouna.

Ulrich Polster was born in Frankenberg (GDR), 1963. He studied Visual Arts in Leipzig Academy and Combined media studies in Chelsea College for Art & Design in London. He works and lives in Leipzig.

In the 1980’s Polster was an active part of the underground-movie-scene in Leipzig and Berlin and since the year 1987 developing continuously his multimedia collages and installations.

For SPOR festival 2011 he will contribute a video work and the visualization of the performance VERSPRENGUNG, a project in cooperation with Juliana Hodkinson. 

SPOR New Music School