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Birgitte Alsted
Installation 6th-8th May at 10-16 at the Women's Museum
Birgitte Alsted
Composer (DK), 1942
How would you characterize art’s potential?
Mobilization to new ideas and intensification of feelings – desire and engagement – mutual exchange. Discipline and revolt. Empathy and respect, on the way towards discovering that which one really stands for. 

Which possibilities, qualities and limitations do you find in sound as material?
Sound carries a loving or aggressive message and signals danger, weather, speed and other climatic aspects. Sound is often overridden and forgotten through (visual) surface consciousness, whether or not sound most probably, e.g. in a film, is crucial for the strength of the experience. Sound in the form of loud noise is health threatening and cannot be shut off. And forgotten – both good and bad – memories  can be recalled through associated sounds. 

What characterizes a successful work?
In my case it should awake curiosity and expand heart and horizon. That I can listen to it again and again and nevertheless find new experiences with growing delight. 

What moves you?
What is movement? Is it anger, irritation or being deeply touched? Or simply seemingly still standing boredom? All – and not in the least sound – moves me in one direction or another... 

Trond Reinholdtsen