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Birgitte Kristensen
Installation 6th-8th May at 10-16 at the Women's Museum
External link: www.birgittekristensen.dk
Birgitte Kristensen
Artist, Installation Artist (DK), 1975
How would you characterize art’s potential?
Art can touch something that otherwise remains outside of our reach.

Which possibilities, qualities and limitations do you find in sound as material?
Originally educated, as sculptor and now working with installation art I experience sound as physical and invisible at the same time. I think that it is interesting that one can change the experience of a space via sound. Sound creates space and opens up memories of both the past and future new conceptions. It affects your body and pushes buttons in your organism you never even knew existed. 

What characterizes a successful work?
That it surprises, strikes you from an unexpected angle, opens up a new perspective, gets you to laugh, changes you and grows in your consciousness – through many years, perhaps forever. 

What moves you?
Clever humor. 

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