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Lynn Pook
Installation during the festival at Spanien 19C and to May 29th
External link: www.lynnpook.de
Lynn Pook
Artist (FR/DE), 1975

How would you characterise the potential of art?

It's one of the ways to express, to reflect and to share between many others. It's a medium to stimulate reflection by confronting once to non logical, rational and productive phenomenon.

Which possibilities, qualities and limitations do you find in sound as material?
Recently, I did as audience have the experience of a surrounding multiple screen and audio show situation and I was really surprised by the spacial, evocative and emotional limit of the image and the infinity of the sound. Also, if it seems that we are culturally dominated by the sense of view, the sound and the sense of hearing we develop already in the uterus plays a leading rule and has a big impact on us. Sound leaves a more big place to the imaginary and the free interpretation of the listener, but can of course become easily manipulative.

What characterises a good work of sound/musical art?

For me sound is a quite physical experience. I like when it's not only an experience organized in time but also in space.

What moves you?

I'm simply moved by curiosity about the world, which is around, and we are part of. I'm specially fascinated by observing the complexity and the intelligence of the relationship and abilities to adapt and evolve of the different parts of this system. In particular, I like to observe our sensory system and in particular senses which are culturally neglected.

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