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Voz Nueva
Voz Nueva performs the premiere of a piece by Patricia Alessandrini at Granhøj Dans Saturday the 7th of May at 20:00
External link: www.voznueva.dk
Voz Nueva

The trio Voz Nueva was founded in the autumn 2003 with a desire to use the heritage from illustrious ensembles such as Trio Celeste and Iris Ensemble. Resuming and develop the repertoire written for this particular herd, take old works, loving care, and thereby use the wide possibilities that this constellation opened.

The classical duo-combination of voice and guitar is extended with percussion instruments, thereby creating new sounds and moods – either as a soft underlining or a forceful antiphony. An intimate but yet colorful meeting.

A short time after the trio was formed they created real attention to themselves by marking their potential in DR's prestigious Chamber Music Competition 2004, as both finalists and price winners. Since then they have continued their tireless work to promote the new composition music and chamber music. Multiple concerts in music associations, in churches and at music festivals around the country. A fruitful, continuous and close cooperation with some of the best, most visionary composers in Denmark.

The trio consists of Signe Asmussen (soprano), Frederik Munk Larsen (guitar) and Henrik Larsen (percussion).

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