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Bernhard Leitner
Soundinstallation 5.-8. May at 10-17 at Aarhus Art Building
Bernhard Leitner
Soundartist (AT), 1938
Bernhard Leitner, born in Feldkirch in Austria studied architecture in Vienna and Paris. After working as Urban Designer in the New York City Urban Planning Office, Leitner was holding professorships in New York and Vienna. Leitner is a leading figure in the field of Sound Art and received various art prizes for his work.

The artist is working with spatial sound installations in the crossing point of architecture and sound. Loudspeakers playing tones and electronically re-worked instruments varying in location, duration and volume according to the space and to the position of the observer, gives the experience of sound sculpted space. He offers us manifold possibilities of experiencing such spaces: palpable experiences, a totally abstract idea such as time and space and their relationship to each other, so difficult to comprehend. Leitner combines two paradox categories: time and space and expands the function of sound interdisciplinary.

SPOR festival 2011 presents his installation Headscapes, which focuses on the interesting discovery of an individual and internal space by using headphones. Here the experienced space is located in the head of the observer.
Leo Hofmann (CH/DE)