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Shila Anaraki
Saturday the 7th of May, afternoon, at Teater Refleksion
External link: shilaanaraki.blogspot.com
Shila Anaraki
Dancer, dramaturg (BE)
A Brussels based dancer who has worked with various companies mainly in Germany and Belgium.

In recent years, an important part of her work has been dedicated to working with composers (such as George Aperghis and Alvin Curran) as a collaborator, dancer and assistant. She has developed projects with Paul Craenen, David Helbich and Matthew Shlomowitz and worked with George Aperghis, Alvin Curran, Cathy van Eck and Paolo Pacchini.

Shila Anaraki has advised artists such as Johanne Saunier, Heike Lagsdorf & Ula Sickle, Adva Zakai and Flavia Ribeiro Wanderley in their creations, and led master-classes for the MA Fine Arts at the Piet Zwart Instituut (Rotterdam), Foundation for International Education (London), and Centre for Creative and Performing Arts at Queen's University (Belfast).

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