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Rei Munakata
Sunday the 8th of May at 20:00 at Granhøj Dans
External link: www.reimunakata.com
Rei Munakata
Conductor (SE), 1976
Rei Munakata is a conductor and composer. He has graduated at the Royal Music school in Stockholm (2002), Trinity College of Music London (2003), and School for performing and music at Göteborgs Universitet (2008). He is the leader of Curious Chamber Players in Stockholm. He conducts and composes for new music ensembles in all of Europe.

"Tremendous natural musical talent, a sharp mind, and a winning personality... He has a fluid technique, a deep love for music, and a natural curiosity that ensures continuous progress forwards."
Michael Adelson, New York Philharmonics

"A mature musician with the best ability for successful conducting. He possesses a fine ear, good feeling for rhythm, musical temperament and his gesture is expressive and eloquent, with great appreciation for orchestral sound."
Frantisek Vajnar, Academy of Performing Arts in Prague
Simon Steen-Andersen