10:00 - 17:00

Tickets can be purchased in the ticket sale of Kvindemuseet, and gives access to the whole museum.

Free entrance for performances

Orgel [organ] is a visual installation and a musical piece by composer Ida Lundén and scenographer Johanna Mårtensson. It is a playground with the aim of creating a musical and visual performance interacting with the audience. The installation consists of nine hanging organs, each of them with its own sound, just like a pipe organ. The visitors enter the installation and its quiet yet visually intriguing room of hanging organs, and they are encouraged to create music by blowing into the pipes, or to just watch and listen. By inviting the visitors to be part of the installation's musical performance and act as an orchestra themselves, Orgel explores materials and sounds that are made in a non-hierarchic way together with the audience. At the same time sound installation is about allowing ourselves to think abstractly, surprising each other, exceeding our limits, and simply trying out the shapes and sounds of everyday materials. 

// PERFORMANCE : 12.00 + 13.00 //
Come experience a live performance with Ida Lundén and Johanna Mårtensson in the installation.

The installation is presented in collaboration with Kvindemuseet as part of SPOR's exhibition programme

13:00 - 17:00
Exhibition Space Spanien 19C
Free entrance

The exhibition runs until 27.05.18

Together, the Danish composer and sound artist SØS Gunver Ryberg, the Norwegian scenographer Nathalie Mellbye and the German director Anja Behrens, will present their brand new, collective installation titled White Sun in Spanien 19C's intimate exhibition space. 

White Sun is a collective study in creating a sensuous and visual interpretation of SØS Gunver Ryberg’s sound universe. The three artists have been inspired by the Japanese performance genre Butoh - an anti-theater form where man turns into the unrecognizable. In Butoh, the body is in permanent crisis, the core being the metamorphosis between different states - life and death, past and present, man and woman, culture and nature.

The installation is part of SPORs exhibition programme, and is presented in collaboration with the Exhibition Space Spanien 19C

13:00 - 17:00
Free entrance

Angel View Movie is a music and art video created in collaboration between SCENATET, composer Juliana Hodkinson and filmmaker Michael Madsen, presented for the very first time at SPOR festival 2018 as part of the festival's exhibition programme. 

By means of an experimental and conceptual approach to the format of musical cinematic production, this video piece, based on the underlying score and live concert of Juliana Hodkinson's Angel View, explores a plethora of urban sound and musical fragments, fusing radio noise, cinematic soundtrack and instrumental theater – unfolding from the resonance of an empty palace out into bustling modern cities.  

Music and composition: Juliana Hodkinson / Video and direction: Michael Madsen / Performance and production: SCENATET / Editing: Stefan Sundlöf / Sound mix: Peter Weinsheimer 

The video-installation is part of SPOR's exhibition programme and is presented in collaboration with Rum46, with support from the Danish Arts Foundation, Danish Composer’s Society and KODA Culture, Danish Conductors Association and DJBFA and Koda’s Cultural Funds

13:00 - 14:30
Teater Refleksion
Free entrance

Experience an artistic project in development at close range, when Duo Hellqvist/Amaral invites everyone to take part in an exciting workshop prior to their concert at SPOR festival. In collaboration with the composers, Lisa Streich (SE)Ida Lundén (SE)Alberto Bernal (MX) and Daniel Moreira (BRA/DE), the duo will dive into the development of their common project 'Impossible Situations: A Collective Nordic Experiment’. 

With IS:CNE,  Duo Hellqvist/Amaral aims to test and expand the boundaries of the role of the instrument, the medium, the stage and the performer - and thereby create new, (im)possible spaces for artistic expression. 

14:00 - 20:00
St. Luke's Church
Free entrance

For SPOR 2018, the two sound artists Ragnhild May (DK) and Stefan Maier (CA) have joined their artistic forces to create and present a new, 6-hour performative installation piece titled The Walls Are Moving

During the six-hour duration, May and Maier will create a fantastical, multidimensional room inside the St. Luke’s Church in Aarhus, while exploring the resonant qualities of a digitally-modeled space — one which can fluidly mutate between different dimensions, and materials.

The installation piece is part of SPORs exhibition programme

15:00 - 16:30
Filmby Aarhus, Studio 1
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A magnificent artistic experience awaits, when SPOR festival presents Stifters Dinge for the very first time on Danish soil. It is a multi-sensuous piece which balances between performative installation art and musical theatre. A 'no-man' show consisting of five pianos without pianists and a play without actors, created by the world renowned composer and artist Heiner Goebbels. With its seductive sounds, images and sensuous elements such as wind, mist, water and ice, Stifters Dinge invites the audience to enter a fascinating and wondrous space of seeing and hearing.      

Stifters Dinge was premiered at the legendary Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne in Switzerland in 2007 and has been performed worldwide in cities and cultural hubs such as New York, Berlin, and Buenos Aires – now reaching Aarhus to captivate the Nordic audience. 

Conception, music and direction: Heiner Goebbels / Set design, light and video: Klaus Grünberg / Musical collaboration/programming: Hubert Machnik / Sound design: Willi Bopp / Artistic collaboration: Matthias Mohr / Speak: Henrik Birch

In collaboration with Filmby Aarhus

17:00 - 18:00
Gellerupparken, Karen Blixens Boulevard 39
Free entrance

Transport from Aarhus C: Bus 4A (every 10 minutes) from Park Allé/Banegårdspladsen to Karen Blixens Boulevard/Verdenspladsen

At the bus stop Park Allé/Banegårdspladsen in Aarhus C at 16.15. From here we will go together via public bus to the performance at Gellerupparken/Karen Blixens Boulevard.

Erindringens dissonans [the dissonance of memory] is an interdisciplinary art project by composer Ask Kæreby and visual artist Maj Hasager, rooted in social housing project Gellerupparken's history, and focusing on personal memories and their significance for historical writing about a place in terms of more than just architecture and local events. 

Erindringens dissonans materializes as a film, a composition of abstract audio objects and a series of works based on stories and descriptions of collected private photos as well as material from the local archive. At SPOR festival, the auditive side of the project will be premiered at a site-specific live performance, incorporating field recordings from the Gellerupparken/Toveshøj area, and performed with an extensive sound diffusion speaker set-up.

Abstract electronic audio objects have been assembled into a composition involving references to the Le Corbusier-inspired architecture, and the recent history and planning of the area. By being performed live in Gellerup, this performance seeks to involve the local public from Gellerup and Aarhus in general, and to create alternative perspectives on the specific area. QR codes are located around the area where the sounds used in the composition were recorded, linking to both the real and the processed sound. Several of the original sounds have disappeared with the changes arising from the transformation of the area in accordance with the municipal masterplan (“helhedsplanen”).

With support from Sigrids Stue, Gellerup Kulturmidler, Ragnvald & Ida Blix’ Foundation and the Danish Arts Foundation 

The project is part of SPOR's exhibition programme

20:00 - 21:00
Åbne Scene
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As a group that is neither rooted in the rock world nor in classical traditions, the e-guitar quartet Zwerm instead explores the boundaries of genres and fields of musical practice. 

At SPOR festival 2018, the four e-guitarists will dive into the idea of acousmatic music and the concept of reduced listening in a very special concert setting named Our Ears Felt Like Canyons. Instead of 'going on stage', the four musicians will be placed in a circle at the center of the concert space, surrounded by a curtain which hides the musicians, their actions, and the usually visual part of the concert. In this way, focus is shifted to the experience of the audible universe, created by the four guitarists in secret. 

The concert consists of three different pieces, composed especially for this setting by Joanna Bailie (GB)Christopher Trapani (US) and Alexander Schubert (DE).

Compositions commissioned by Zwerm with the support of the Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung.

The concert is organised in collaboration with Åbne Scene

21:30 - 23:10
Filmby Aarhus, Studio 2
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Due to limited seats, it is necessary to reserve tickets prior to the performance.

Gaze for Gaze is an experimental opera about love, choices and consequences. A story about the nature of the love relationship and especially its downsides. The opera was performed for the first time in the winter of 2017 by SCENATET in Copenhagen, and is now re-staged at SPOR festival 2018. With Gaze for Gaze, composer Niels Rønsholdt seeks to break down the conventional idea of what opera is and can be by reconstructing the format and experimenting deeply with its traditional dramaturgic elements. 

The heart-wrenching story of Gaze for Gaze unfolds in a conceptually minimalistic universe, where an intimate setting and sensuous atmosphere is created by the dissolution of the boarder between the stage and the audience. By making the audience a central part of the unraveling plot, Gaze for Gaze becomes a personally rooted drama of experimental opera music, invasive sound and forceful light (and darkness).   

As there is a limited number of seats for Gaze for Gaze, it is necessary to reserve a ticket prior to the performances.
For persons with a partout ticket, it is also necessary to register by sending an e-mail to pernille@sporfestival.dk before 30/04.

In collaboration with Filmby Aarhus