17:00 - 19:00
Exhibition Space Spanien 19C
Free entrance

The exhibition runs until 27.05.18

Together, the Danish composer and sound artist SØS Gunver Ryberg, the Norwegian scenographer Nathalie Mellbye and the German director Anja Behrens, will present their brand new, collective installation titled White Sun in Spanien 19C's intimate exhibition space. 

The vision for the installation is clear; In a mix of music, space, movement and light, the artistic collective seeks to create a very special and unforeseen audience experience. About the installation and the ongoing process SØS Gunver Ryberg further explains:
"For a long time I have had ideas about collaborating with other artists on the staging of music and interdisciplinary meetings where the music/sound acts as starting point. I am continuing this process by working with these two artists within the field of theatre - bringing together our common interest in alternative working methods and the exploration of space, movement and improvisation as key elements in the meeting between different artistic expressions.”

The installation is part of SPORs exhibition programme and is presented in collaboration with the Exhibition Space Spanien 19C

20:00 - 21:30
Filmby Aarhus, Studio 2
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A magnificent artistic experience awaits, when SPOR festival presents Stifters Dinge for the very first time on Danish soil. It is a multi-sensuous piece which balances between performative installation art and musical theatre. A 'no-man' show consisting of five pianos without pianists and a play without actors, created by the world renowned composer and artist Heiner Goebbels. With its seductive sounds, images and sensuous elements such as wind, mist, water and ice, Stifters Dinge invites the audience to enter a fascinating and wondrous space of seeing and hearing.      

Stifters Dinge was premiered at the legendary Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne in Switzerland in 2007 and has been performed worldwide in cities and cultural hubs such as New York, Berlin, and Buenos Aires – now reaching the cultural capital of Aarhus to captivate the Nordic audience. 

In collaboration with Filmby Aarhus

22:00 - 23:00
Åbne Scene
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Salim's Salon is a space for musicians of different cultures, who deal with the notion of otherness and whose artistic positions elude cultural stereotypes. It is a staged concert, created and facilitated by composer Hannes Seidl, in which the five musicians, Anaba M'bala Elsa Tatiana, Cedrik Fermont, Seth Ayyaz and Jaqueline George, deconstruct the Western gaze at 'the other', recount their experiences and artistic ideas, speak about identities and clichés, introduce each other to their music, and perform together. 

The approach is individual, self-confident and present. Central to the project is the confrontation of free improvised music and measured time of the clock and score. 

In collaboration with Åbne Scene