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  • 10.04.:


    Today, SPOR can reveal that the festival programme has expanded with yet another three exciting and highly audience-engaging works from Denmark as well as abroad - which join the wide range of performances, concerts and exhibitions.

    A caravan, a futuristic organ and an interdisciplinary art project
    The addition of three new pieces to SPORs programme firstly involves the French pianist and performer Gwen Rouger bringing her movable Caravan to SPOR, where it will encourage the audience to discover new perspectives on the spectator role. During three days, Gwen Rouger invites the audience to her homely musical universe, where one spectator can visit her in the caravan at a time and experience a very intimate and special concert. Like Caravan, Swedish composer Ida Lundén and scenographer Johanna Mårtensson try to break the common idea of the relationship between artist, artwork and audience. In their alluring sound and light installation Orgel, consisting of nine hanging organs, the audience is an essential part of the creation of the sound - by freely interacting with the installation and blowing in the hanging organ pipes. Lastly, visual artist Maj Hasager's and composer Ask Kæreby's common interdisciplinary project, Erindringens dissonans, can be experienced up close, when they perform the auditive side of the project in the middle of the residential quarter Gellerupparken, and together try to encourage new approaches to the culture and history of the area.

    Significant music theater performances at SPOR
    For the first time in SPOR's history, the festival features two performances that last for several days. Both Heiner Goebbels' gigantic music theater installation Stifters Dinge and Niels Rønsholdt's experimental opera Gaze for Gaze will be performed three times over three days, thus giving Aarhus and SPOR's audience ample opportunity to experience the two unique works unfold. Gaze for Gaze was performed by the ensemble SCENATET in Copenhagen in winter 2017 and on top of the successful premiere, Niels Rønsholdt has been nominated for a Carl Prize in the category 'Classical Composer of the Year - Large Ensemble' for the spectacular new opera. If you want to secure a spot for the two shows, you can already now buy tickets through SPOR's ticket site right here.

    Lars Greve warms up for Shitney
    Friday May 4th, the experimental group Shitney will play at the venue Radar, and as an additional feature, saxophonist/clarinetist and composer Lars Greve warms up for the strong trio. You can look forward to a progressive evening starting with Lars Greve at 21.00 followed by Shitney at 22.00.

    Talks and 'behind the works'
    This year you can get under the skin of several of the projects and pieces on SPOR's programme. Ahead of Stifters Dinge on May 3rd, you can get a rare insight into the dramaturgical work around the giant music and theater installation, when Heiner Goebbels' dramaturg Matthias Mohr holds a pre-performance talk in Filmby Aarhus at 19.00. Saturday May 5th, the Nordic Duo Hellqvist/Amaral invites everyone to Teater Refleksion for an open workshop, and both musician/artist Gwen Rouger as well as composer Juliana Hodkinson and filmmaker Michael Madsen will meet the audience for a talk about the work around their respective works Caravan and Angel View Movie.

    Want to know more about SPOR’s programme, read more here, and find your ticket here.


  • 07.03.:


    A magnificent artistic experience awaits, when SPOR festival presents Stifters Dinge for the very first time on Danish soil. It is a multi-sensuous piece which balances between performative installation art and musical theatre. A 'no-man' show consisting of five pianos without pianists and a play without actors, created by the world renowned composer and artist Heiner Goebbels. At SPOR 2018, the audience can look forward to four days with a wide range of inspiring experiences of new experimental music and sound art - at exhibitions, concerts and large-scale performances.

    Exceptional music theater experience
    Heiner Goebbels is one of the greatest artists in the world today. An artist who has had an immense importance to the field of the performing arts and music - as Lars von Trier has had for film art. Heiner Goebbels explores and extends the relationship between theater and music in a yet unforeseen way.

    Stifters Dinge is a no-man show, a composition for five pianos without pianists and a play without actors. In other words, it is a deeply original, sound and image-based, genre-breaking artwork. The installation piece was premiered at the legendary Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne in Switzerland in 2007 and has been described by the British press as "startlingly imaginative" (Time Out London), "one of the most haunting arts events I've seen in a long time" (The Daily Telegraph) and "Contemplative Beauty" (The Guardian). Since its premiere, Stifters Dinge has been performed in New York, Berlin, London, Brussels, Madrid and Buenos Aires. Now, the large-scale piece is coming to Denmark - and will be performed three times in Aarhus during SPOR festival 2018.

    A wide-ranging programme
    In addition to Heiner Goebbels' work Stifters Dinge, the audience can look forward to four days with everything from contemporary music to improvisational concerts and electronic sound experiments presented by names such as Zwerm, Decoder Ensemble, Shitney, Niels Rønsholdt, SØS Gunver Ryberg and SCENATET - at the most interesting venues of Aarhus. Among other things, you can experience the re-staging of Niels Rønsholdt's experimental opera Gaze for Gaze, a multi-medial theater concert by Simon Steen-Andersen and an improvisation concert that discusses cultural identity, created and facilitated by the German composer Hannes Seidl.

    When and where?
    Stifters Dinge can be experienced on Thursday 3rd of May at 20:00, Friday 4th of May at 17:00 and Saturday 5th of May at 15:00. Tickets are up for sale via SPOR's billetto, and you can find links to all tickets here.
    Read more about the full programme here.


  • 21.02.:


    On Thursday the 3rd of May, SPOR festival 2018 will be ready in Aarhus to bombard the audience with magnificent as well as intimate experiences of experimental character. As a new feature, this year the festival's exhibition programme has assigned its own guest curator, the renowned Belgian/Dutch composer and sound artist Cathy van Eck, who, with her great artistic ingenuity and integrity, will contribute to a surprising programme that can be experienced until the end of May.

    An international curator crossing genres
    In 2017, Cathy van Eck was a member of SPOR's Call for Proposals’ jury, and to van Eck, finding new ways and artistic perspectives on sound, is absolutely essential. On this account, this year Cathy van Eck has been invited to be a guest curator for the innovative and ambitious exhibition programme of SPOR festival. In addition to her work as a composer and sound artist, Cathy van Eck also researches in digital sound, and the urge to investigate and explore the sound's potentials - across genres and artistic styles, is clearly reflected in her performative sound artworks that have been presented in a wide range of contexts - at experimental concerts, open air rock festivals, galleries, and art shows. Therefore, the audience can also look forward to a genre-challenging programme with a wide range of sensual experiences, created in the meeting of the local, international and a common interdisciplinary ambition.

    Local and international unite in collective sound art
    Today, SPOR festival reveals two of the exhibition programme’s prominent installation pieces, which now join the exciting series of already announced projects on SPOR's roster.
    Together, the Danish composer and sound artist SØS Gunver Ryberg, the Norwegian scenographer Nathalie Mellbye and the German director Anja Behrens, will present their brand new, collective installation titled White Sun in Spanien 19C's intimate exhibition space. The vision for the installation is clear; In a mix of music, space, movement and light, the artistic collective seeks to create a very special and unforeseen audience experience. About the installation and the ongoing process SØS Gunver Ryberg further explains:
    "For a long time I have had ideas about collaborating with other artists on the staging of music and interdisciplinary meetings where the music/sound acts as starting point. I am continuing this process by working with these two artists within the field of theatre - bringing together our common interest in alternative working methods and the exploration of space, movement and improvisation as key elements in the meeting between different artistic expressions.”

    Ragnhild May (DK) and Stefan Maier (CA) both work in the intersection of sound, performance and installation art and have been widely presented in the international landscape of sound art. Now they have joined forces to create and present a new, 6-hour performative installation piece titled The Walls Are Moving. During the six-hour duration, May and Maier will create a fantastical, multidimensional room inside the St. Luke’s Church in Aarhus, while exploring the resonant qualities of a digitally-modeled space — one which can fluidly mutate between different dimensions, and materials. 

    In just two weeks, SPOR festival launches the full programme of the festival - with a wide range of artistic projects ranging from a collective challenge of chamber music traditions to a gigantic music theater installation and rebellious electronic sound.

    When and where?
    White Sun can be experienced from 3 - 27 May at the Exhibition Space Spanien 19C, between 13 and 17. Exhibition opening Thursday 3rd May at 17.
    The Walls Are Moving can be experienced at St. Lukes Church on May 5th between 14 and 20.


  • 15.11.:


    Today, SPOR festival is ready to announce a new programme part of SPOR 2018. The Danish/Swedish/ Estonian trio Shitney is the third name of SPOR's roster and the audience can look forward to a Friday evening at SPOR with lots of improvisations, wonky samples and explosive and sometimes even hyperactive energy.

    Progressive sounds fusing the concrete and the abstract

    Shitney was formed in 2015 with the purpose of creating new and uncompromising music on the boundary between the acoustic and the electric. In the beginning of 2017 they released their debut album, ‘Earth Core’, on ILK music after having toured and worked together intensely and in depth with their music and common expression for two years. 'Earth Core' consists of experimental improvisations using the album title as subject matter: an imaginary excavation of metals and chemical substances, physical laws and paradoxes. Sonically, the three members of Shitney are very familiar with each other, having criss-crossed in various musical constellations on the Copenhagen scene.

    Shitney consists of Maria Faust (EE) on saxophone/effects, Katrine Amsler (DK) on keys, micro guitar and electrical drums, and Qarin Wikström (SE) on vocal, keys and effects - three women who all work on the edge of musical normality, in their individuel ways. Maria Faust is known for her large ensemble constellations, Maria Faust Jazz Catastrophe and Maria Faust Sacrum Facere, as well as several smaller improvisation ensembles, and has received a number of awards including a Danish Music Award and an Estonian Jazz Award. Katrine Amsler, who also works as a producer and sound designer, is the woman behind the innovative band Television Pickup and the solo project Tuba Dynamite. Qarin Wikström, like her two progressive band members, is engaged in a number of improvisational ensembles and also works as a contemporary dance composer and performer.

    Together, Faust, Amsler and Wikström create an unpredictable musical expression and mix of something concrete and completely abstract, using beats and samples, as well as synthetic and organic sounds.

    When and where?

    The concert takes place on Friday 4th of May, 22.00 at the concert venue Radar. Tickets can be purchased via our ticket site, which you will find here, or at Radar before the concert. You can submit to the concert at Facebook right here.


  • 25.10.:


    A large part of SPOR festival's DNA lies in showing new, unexpected paths in the world of music and art. Therefore, we are excited to announce the second program release for SPOR 2018 today, which is the Nordic duo Hellqvist/Amaral. With their project, 'Impossible Situations: A Collective Nordic Experiment', they pave the way for brand new experiences in chamber music - for both the artists and the audience.

    A collective concert format under development

    Violinist Karin Hellqvist (SE) and pianist Heloisa Amaral (BRA/NO) are known for having an inquisitive and fearless approach to exploring contemporary music. At SPOR festival 2018, the duo presents the latest developments in their project 'Impossible Situations: A Collective Nordic Experiment', launched in February 2017, with support from the Nordic Culture Fund. With IS:CNE, Karin Hellqvist and Heloisa Amaral will create an artistic forum where the framework for chamber music can be challenged. They want to test and expand the boundaries of the role of the instrument, the medium, the stage and the performer - and thereby create new, (im)possible spaces for artistic expression.

    IS:CNE involves a variety of artists and composers across artistic disciplines. They meet, develop ideas and work together regularly, developing new practices and musical spaces, which are consequently presented in a concert format. The project continues this way, and thereby constantly evolves and moves in new directions. IS:CNE started in Berlin in February 2017, and in May 2018 it reaches SPOR festival, where Hellqvist/Amaral will present the festival's audience to the fourth chapter of the project. 

    In addition to Karin Hellqvist and Heloisa Amaral, IS:CNE at SPOR festival 2018 also involves sound director Max Sauer (DE), architect Filippa Berglund (DK/SE), photographer Ellen Inga (IS) and composers Lars Petter Hagen (NO), Ida Lundén (SE), Marina Rosenfeld (US) and Daniel Moreira (BRA/DE), who will invite the SPOR audience to experience the proces closely through an exciting workshop followed by a unique concert with works by the four composers.

    When and where?

    The concert will take place on at Teater Refleksion on Sunday, May 6th, 2018 at 15.00. Tickets are available via our ticket site, which you will find right here, and you can submit to the concert via Facebook right here.


  • 04.10.:


    SPOR festival returns to Aarhus on 3rd - 6th of May 2018 with a huge experimental potpourri of installation art, music theater, electronic music and contemporary music. Today, the SPOR festival team is very excited to present the public to the very first act of the SPOR2018 programme. on Saturday May 5, 2018 the Belgian guitar quartet Zwerm will be ready to give the audience a unique concert experience with their installation Our Ears Felt Like Canyons.

    A unique concert setting focusing on the listening ear
    As a group that is neither rooted in the rock world nor in classical genres, Zwerm instead explores the boundaries of genres and fields of musical practice. At the SPOR festival 2018, the four musicians will dive into the idea of acousmatic music and the concept of reduced listening in a very special concert setting named Our Ears Felt Like Canyons. Instead of 'going on stage', the four musicians will be placed in a circle at the center of the concert room, surrounded by a curtain which hides the musicians, their actions, and the usually visual part of the concert. In this way, focus is shifted to the experience of the audible universe, created by the four guitarists in secret.

    Zwerm's concert consists of three different pieces, composed specifically for this setting. The British composer Joanna Bailie, who has previously been a guest curator at the SPOR festival, contributes with her work Last Song from Charleroi. The piece, which is based on field recordings from the decaying Belgian city of Charleroi, takes the audience into a post-industrial sound universe, exploring the sound of the worn out city.

    The American composer Christopher Trapani is known to merge American and European stylistic elements into a personal aesthetic that defies easy classification. The piece Shotgun Shoegaze is Trapani's contribution to Zwerm's concert, where blues traditions from the Mississippi Delta fuse with the distorted Shoegaze genre.

    The third and last piece has been composed by the German multimedia composer Alexander Schubert, who in 2016 opened the SPOR festival with his audiovisual work Hello. Schubert is known to work in between and cross electronic and acoustic music, and at Zwerm's concert he will be contributing with a cross-genre piece. Wavelet A “Societies / Sciences" is based on the idea of a wave of sound, where sound recordings, pieces of music and electric guitar sounds are manipulated and together create waves of dynamic expression.

    During 2017 and 2018, Our Ears Felt Like Canyons will be performed throughout Europe, but the concert at SPOR festival 2018 will be the only chance to experience Zwerm in Denmark. Zwerm will tour with Our Ears Felt Like Canyons at a number of leading festivals such as the Ruhrtriennale, Transit Festival and the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, with the support of the Ernst von Siemens Stiftung.

    When and where?
    The concert will take place on Saturday May 5, 2018 at 20:00 on Godsbanen, and you can already now secure a ticket by visiting our ticket site right here.

    If you are interested in knowing when the partout ticket sale for SPOR festival 2018 will start, please visit our website and keep an eye out for our newsletter and social media, where all updates about the SPOR2018 programme will be posted.


  • 09.06.:

    A little more than a month ago the 12th edition of SPOR festival transformed Aarhus into a diverse mecca of new experimental music and sound art, and SPOR would like to thank all guests for taking part and for making SPOR 2017 a magical festival full of widely different musical revelations! Read more in the newsletter here.


  • 02.05.: On May 8th, SPOR festival opens with the reality artwork Everybody can be present, followed by a cluttered program, and the opening of the concert program on Thursday, May 11th. Read more here.


  • 11.04.: Today SPOR announces that the festival will be closed with a great show. Here, the grandiose social media opera 'iScreen, YouScream!' will be presented in Scandinavia for the first time, bringing a true everyday explosion and questions about the role of digital and social media to SPOR festival. The show will be performed by the German ensemble, Ensemble Garage, and is composed by the German composer Brigitta Muntendorf, who has recently received the prestigious prize 'German Music Author’s Price' in the category of ‘Young Talents’. Read more about the piece her!


  • 09.03.: Today SPOR festival announces the full an diverse program of this year's festival, happening the 8th - 14th May. Read more here.


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