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  • 09.05.: SPOR 2013 opens today!

    Today, SPOR 2013 open its doors at the harbour at 16:00 with snaps and liquourice and an exciting artwork by Kirsten Reese in a big kofferdam! Plan your festivaldays here!

  • 04.05.: Warm up for SPOR festival today!

    Warm up for SPOR 2013 today May 4 at 14:00 with a dark, volatile and otherworldly experience, when we present Matthias Schack-Arnott's soloperformance 'Fissures' at SPOT Festival! It's at Godsbanen, Den Rå Hal and the entrance is free.

    'Fissures' explores fragile and unstable textures that arise through friction between materials. Granite, aluminum and sand are used to create ever-eroding sonic structures, bristling with detail. A dark, volatile and otherworldly experience...

  • 01.05.: Yannis Kyriakides at SPOR 2013

    Rum46 and SPOR festival for contemporary music and sound art proudly present the Denmark premiere of two sound- and videoinstallations by Yannis Kyriakides (CY) from May 9 to 12

    Read the press release

  • 19.04.: SPOR festival adds 13 new names

    SPOR is very proud to add Taku Sugimoto, Anna Katrin Egilstrød, Simon Roy Christensen, Kaj Duncan David, Jens Peter Møller, Allan Gravgaard Madsen, Jeppe Ernst, Sandra Boss, Christian Tscherning Larsen, Sofia Fuss, Emilia Makowka, Marie Sønderskov and Jeppe Ernst to this year's programme!

    On Sat 11 May we will present concerts, artist talk and installation at SpLab, Det Jyske Kunstakademi as part of 'Mejlgade For Mangfoldighed' from 12-17.

    At 13:00 we present artist talks with some of the artists and composers at SPOR festival from this year's ’Call for Proposals’: Erik Bünger, Christian Winther Christensen, Lula Romero, Abel Paul, Crys Cole, Martyna Poznanska.

    See the programme right here:

  • 14.03.: SPOR festival reveals its extravagant programme!

    SPOR festival reveals an international exhibition and concert program studded with outdoor and indoor sound installations, performances, seminars, brand new concert forms and compositional experimentation, performed by well-known as well as talented up-and-coming young composers and artists from the international and Danish scene.

    Opening evening: Sarah Nemtsov and Simon Steen-Andersen
    Thursday May 9 SPOR festival opens its doors to an aural cornucopia with two Denmark premieres. The first is a presentation of the multi-talented Sarah Nemtsov (DE) in which three chamber music cycles combine and create a whole new work including among other things 52 playing cards. In the second part of the opening concert, SPOR proudly presents the internationally renowned and prize-winning composer Simon Steen-Andersen’s (DK) Black Box Music – a work that, having toured most of the world since 2012, is long awaited here in Denmark. Later in the evening a young composer who recently made his debut, Simon Løffler (DK), will perform his work c, a piece to be listened to with, well, yes… your teeth!

    An ambitious exhibition program for 2013: SPOR at Aarhus Harbour
    Every day from May 9 – 12, five sound art installations around the city of Aarhus will provide you with the chance to expand your senses. Among others, the German artist Kirsten Reese has created a work for SPOR at the harbour inside a submarine silencer (a so-called Cofferdam), normally used at the bottom of the sea to protect marine animals against hearing damage. On her research trip to Denmark, Reese immediately fell in love with this
    gigantic orange construction – now for the audience to crawl into and to be swept away by a unique artistic interpretation of life in the deep sea. In addition, the young and successful Australian percussionist Matthias Schack-Arnott presents his project Chrysalis: An acoustic architectural installation that can only be explored by one person at a time by sitting inside the installation, listening to Schack-Arnott’s percussive (and quite unorthodox) performance on the outside walls. The exhibition program also contains new works by Crys Cole (CAN), Martyna Poznanske (PO) and Yannis Kyriakides (GR).

    Miniatures, masking tape in the piano and fragment concert
    SPOR 2013 is also presenting a string of major internationally recognized composers. The audience may look forward to experiencing Enno Poppe’s (DE) exciting work for virtual Hammond organ, and the first important Danish presentation of Manos Tsangaris (DE) who will be bringing his miniature pieces to SPOR, as well as Greek-Dutch Yannis Kyriakides, presented in Denmark for the first time too, with both an exhibition and a live
    performance. In addition, SPOR festival looks very much forward to presenting the composer Claudia Molitor (UK) and her fascinating opera in a desk – which takes its audience on an intimate and immersive journey into an imaginary world.

    The Danish scene is equally well represented this year with a world premiere of Niels Rønsholdt’s piece Me
    , consisting of ten love songs. In addition, SPOR 2013 is pleased to present Christian Winther Christensen’s work Six Preludes, to be performed on a grand piano entirely ‘masked’ in masking tape, together with a captivating concert strewn with various fragments from string quartets through the ages – among others Hans Abrahamsen’s string quartet no. 4 – all put together by SPOR’s guest curator Juliana Hodkinson (composer, UK).

    Read the press release here

  • 11.03.: Black Box has toured the world since 2012

    On May 9, SPOR festival for contemporary music and sound art opens its doors to an aural cornucopia with the Denmark premiere of the internationally renowned and prize-winning composer Simon Steen-Andersen’s (DK) Black Box Music – a work that, having toured the world since 2012, is long awaited in Denmark.

    Simon Steen-Andersen's (DK) Black Box Music is scored for percussion solo, amplified box, 15 instruments and video. The starting point is the classical soloist-conductor – only in this case, the conducting and solo part are one and the same. The setting is a traditional theatre stage with curtains, props and lighting – but here, the stage is also an instrument. The “Grand Show” is in three movements, starting with an “Ouverture” and “Slow Second Movement” and then finishing off with a festive, pompous, self-imploding “Finale”.

    "The composition can be said to be a deconstruction of conducting and puppet theatre as well as an exploration and exploitation of the audio/visual relations inherent in conducting and staging", Simon Steen-Andersen says about Black Box Music.

    Sneak preview of Black Box Music at Vimeo

  • 12.02.: Website for SPOR 2013 is online!

    Read about the theme of 2013

  • 19.11.: Intern at SPOR festival?

    Read more (in Danish)

  • 18.09.: SPOR reveals its 2013 guest curator

    Guest curator for SPOR 2013 is internationally acclaimed composer Juliana Hodkinson (UK)

    SPOR festival 2013 takes place from May 9 to 12 - see you there!

  • 01.05.: Pre-event at Spot festival Saturday the 5th of May at 16:00 with S.L.Á.T.U.R. At Godsbanen, Aarhus C.

  • 15.03.: The programme for SPOR 2012 is now online!

  • 16.02.: The website for SPOR 2012 is now online! Stay posted over the next weeks, where more info and the festival programme will follow

  • 28.01.: Gæstekurator for 2012 er den internationalt anerkendte komponist Lars Petter Hagen (NO). Festivalens tema og kuratoriske udgangspunkt vil være ‘folkekultur’ og en opsigtvækkende eftersøgning af den nordiske folkesjæl og kultur.

  • 20.12.: The jury for SPOR's 'Call for proposals' has now selected the 5 works to be realized at SPOR 2012. Read more here
  • 12.10.: Read more about conditions, deadline for submitting and fee here
  • 27.06.: Guest curator for SPOR 2012 is Lars Petter Hagen, Norwegian composer and former artistic director for Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival, Happy Days and Nordic Music Days.
    The theme of the festival is folk culture.
  • 27.06.: Mark the calender for May 2012 - see you at SPOR festival 2012!
  • 01.06.: Check out pictures from SPOR 2011
  • 06.05.: Saturday it will be possible to experience "Analogue" at Teater Reflektion for the price of 45 dkr. at 15.45, 15.15 og 16.45
  • 12.04.:

    Pre-event at SPOR 2011: Opening of Bernhard Leitners 'HEADSCAPES' Wednesday May 4 at 17:00 at Aarhus Art Building. Join us!

  • 30.03.:

    The programme for SPOR 2011 is launched!

  • 05.03.:

    SPOR 2011 site is now official and you can already now get a sneak peak at the theme for this years festival. The site will be updated with the artist that will be performing at the festival, and more information about the program ect. will available soon.

  • 10.02.:

      SPOR launches  a YouTube-channel. You can re-experience former festivals and follow new happenings. Go to the YouTube Channel here