Thanks for a magical SPOR festival 2017 and see you May 3 - 6 2018!

Newsletter 09.06.2017


A little more than a month ago the 12th edition of SPOR festival transformed Aarhus into a diverse mecca of new experimental music and sound art. The many concerts, performances and exhibitions of the festival infiltrated the usual everyday life of the city, while the magic, wondrous and unexpected emerged.

During seven days, an enthusiastic festival audience was presented with an exceptionally versatile field of the latest compositional music and sound art - ranging from an oversized mutant accordeon to a scratching megaphone piece and an acoustic suit. At the SPOR festival we wish to thank all festival guests for diving into and embracing the diversity of this year's program and for making SPOR 2017 a magical festival full of widely different musical revelations!


The festival was opened on Monday, May 8th, with the spectacular 7-day performative piece 'Everybody can be present' at LYNfabrikken's exhibition space BOX, where the Danish radio station P1 was on the spot to report from day 1 with the theme 'Real Fake': Real sleep with real hug '.

>> Listen to the P1 feature here

With warmth and an open heart, the artist behind and practically inside the work, Jagoda Szmytka, met and invited interested festival audiences as well as random passers-by into her bright green home which each day unfolded and studied a new theme related to modern, media-saturated life. Throughout the week, Szmytka's green box functioned as a clean green screen in big contrast to the many relationships and feelings that 'Everybody can be present' created a breeding ground for.

>> Read the Magazine Fine Spind's interview with Jagoda Szmytka here

'Everybody can be present': Jagoda Szmytka invited the local artist John DeMix to perform with her every night in the green box living room. Photo: Frederikke Vang


On Thursday, the official concert program was opened, and one of the highlights of the evening was Bent Sørensen’s and Tomas Espedal's collaborative piece ‘De fire Årstider'. While the Norwegian ensemble POING gave sound to Bent Sørensen's emotional and refined sound universe, Bent Sørensen himself recited Tomas Espedal's words of lost love and loneliness, taken from his most recent and highly praised novel ‘Året’. The well-attended concert received great applause, and the concert also received an excellent review in Århus Stiftstidende with 6 out of 6 stars and the following words:

"Musical framework and framing the composer Bent Sørensen's story with a sweet interpretative and commentary music, which with clear references to a form of hovering tonality puts sound picture on the emotional of this year's course. It's masterfully combined into a beautiful balance between contemporary and history, harmony and melody, feeling and sense. "

- Ole Straarup, Århus Stiftstidende

>> Read the full review from Århus Stiftstidende here (in Danish)

The ensemble POING and Bent Sørensen performing 'De fire Årstider'. Photo: Frederikke Vang

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Read the American magazine I Care if You Listen's comprehensive coverage of the festival, an interview with the Egyptian electronic collective Egyptian Females Experimental Music Session, and much more!


For the third consecutive year, children and young people from the Central Region of Denmark met at the composer’s school SPOR New Music School and became part of the SPOR festival. On the last day of the festival, the students together with Aarhus Sinfonietta presented the results of the school's activities and workshop days in an amazing and moving concert. Closely in line with Bent Sørensen's and Tomas Espedal’s ‘De fire Årstider’, the SNMS students interpreted Ligeti’s 'Sechs Bagatellen’ on violin, piano, washing board and much more - based on the theme 'the four seasons’.

This year, the composition school was arranged with support from the European Capital of Culture - Aarhus 2017 for the last time, and so SPOR is now working to ensure the continued existence of the school, so that children and young people can also be educated in composing new music in the coming years - and so that we can put new music on future repertoires.

>> Read Weekendavisen's report on SPOR New Music School here (in Danish)


In 2018, SPOR festival will be back on 3 - 6 May, and we can already now announce a small, but exceptional part of the program. SPOR is looking forward to presenting the Danish premiere of the tremendous musical drama installation 'Stifters Dinge' by one of the most important profiles within musical drama -  the German composer Heiner Goebbels. The award winning piece is a composition for five pianos without pianists, an act without actors, a performance without performers - a no-man show where jazz, pop and classical music mix with theatrical elements, allowing visuals, text, radio and sculptural elements to melt together into a stunning imaginary tale.


'Stifters Dinge', Artangel London P3. Photo: Heiner Goebbels

We look forward to seeing you all next year for the days 3 - 6th of May 2018! Until then, you can follow our website and social media - Facebook, Instagram or Twitter - where we regularly update with news about the SPOR festival 2018 program!

SEE YOU IN 2018!



Festival Directors: Anna Berit Asp Christensen and Anne Marqvardsen

Production Manager: Rikke Frisk

PR and Communication: Pernille Lyng

SPOR New Music School - Educational leader: Østen Mikal Ore

SPOR New Music School - Assistant: Simone Didrichsen Knudsen

Coordination of volunteers: Simone Didrichsen Knudsen and Sandra Sohn

Event Coordination: Shayi Addean

Production Assistant: Maria Holst Petersen

Production Manager Living Spaces: Laura Møller Henriksen, SCENATET

Production Assistant, Living Spaces: Victor Hempel-Mydtskov

Coordination of volunteers, Living Spaces: Vibeke Holm

Coordination of choir, Living Spaces: Ingrid Callesen

Artistic Assistant, Jagoda Szmytka: Kirstine Skov Hansen

Technical Crew: Pappagallo

Graphics and design: Pulsk Ravn



Prøvestensbroen 3, 2. DK-2300 Copenhagen S
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