Performance at: Friday d. 6th of May kl. 17:00 and 19:00 at Entré Scenen
Evaporated Landscapes

With Evaporated Landscapes Mette Ingvartsen creates an artificial world that behaves according to rules of evaporation, dissolution and transformation. Departing from ephemeral materials and matters like light, sound, bubbles and foam the performance constructs landscapes of various kinds.

Some of the artificial landscapes resemble nature, as we know it from the past, others look more like futuristic inventions. In either case they produce sensations of calmness and rest but also fascination and surprise, impressions we normally attribute to the world of natural wonders.

In Evaporated Landscapes choreography no longer belongs to the organization of bodies and their movements in space. Rather choreography is understood to be the relationship that operates between the ephemeral elements, as they magically float and dissolve into space. The movements that appear do not only show up in space but also within the bodies of the spectators due to the sensations and perceptions they encounter throughout the performance.

Concept: Mette Ingvartsen 
Lighting Design: Minna Tiikkainen 
Sound Design: Gerald Kurdian 
Production management: Kerstin Schroth 

Co-production: steirischer herbst festival (Graz), Festival Baltoscandal (Rakvere), PACT Zollverein 
(Essen), Hebbel am Ufer (Berlin), Kaaitheater (Brussels). 

Funded by: Haupstadtkulturfonds (Berlin, Germany) und Kunstrådet (Denmark) 
Research supported by: Tanzquartier (Wien), Siemens Arts Program and LE CENTQUARTRE 

Coproduced by NXTSTP, with the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union 

A production of Mette Ingvartsen / Great Investment.

In collaboration with Entré Scenen.

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