Performance at: Saturday the 7th of May at 20:00 at Granhøj Dans
Der Jäger
(2011), First performance

Jeppe Just Christensen about "Der Jäger"
There are several things in music that have interested me the last couple of years, and in this piece I have tried to incorporate some of them:

Things that fall. Especially things that fall and continues to fall/make sound after the actual hit. For example when people accidently drop something or workers drop heavy equipment.

Not be able to exactly control your instrument and the sound that it makes or control the movements of the instrument.

The physical aspect of playing. While pulling and pushing the instrument you have to move and use the flexibility of your body until it is almost impossible to play.

Unintentional theater. - "Analog/Digital" The "super-analog" instrument versus the "super-digital" sound of the tape.

Things that naturally does not fit together: an up-tempo, very classical simple chain of chords versus a monstrosity of iron, cymbals, buckets and cowbells.

Commisioned and produced by SPOR festival. Supported by Danish Composers Society and KODA’s Fund for Social and Cultural Purposes.

Live Coded Music for Obsolete Computers