Performance at: Thursday the 5th of May at 21:00 at Granhøj Dans
We started off our collaboration with a common will for structure. We began with a formal vision that was to bring our individual processes together, and give us clarity and security. But our tendency to quote, to recycle our own sounds and images, and the pursuit of each our own artistic handwriting changed the structure and eventually dissolved it completely. At the end of this process there was a pause, a concentration on the Versprengung, the scattering, which allowed us to let something arise that was outside each of our separate worlds. Oscillating between touch, individuation, ignorance and destruction.

The visual images used in VERSPRENGUNG come mainly from Ulrich Polster's extensive and ongoing collection of films shot while travelling the world, including locations in Russsia, the Balkans, the Ukraine, China, Berlin, New York, Vienna, Leipzig and Helsinki.

The music draws on Juliana Hodkinson's works Scrape, As We Know, Mein Herz, Some reasons for hesitating, and Zeit Recht Pflicht Bedürfnis Raum Freude und Sehnsucht and includes recordings of KNM playing some of these works in previous concerts.

- Juliana Hodkinson , 2011

In collaboration with KNM. Supported by Kulturgesellschaft Aarhus and SNYK.

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