Performance at: Friday the 6th of May at 10:00-14:00 at Aarhus University
Seminar: TOUCH ME
The seminar gathers artists, curators, and researchers in order to launch an extended and critical discussion of the festival theme and its various subject matters. This means that topics such as physicality in contemporary art music and sound art, relations between sound, movement, sensory perception and the body, musical wellness, visual musicality, feedback, etc. will be brought into play. 

As an international and far-sighted festival, SPOR mainly addresses these issues through actual performances, concerts, and intermedial works and installations. However, it is not coincidental that the seminar takes place at Aarhus University, as a rapidly growing interest in the broad field of experimental music and sound art is equally shared by academic institutions. In other words, the scene is set for an inclusive and ear-opening debate across aesthetic, institutional and professional boundaries, with an invitation for the audience to contribute to the discussion, as well. 

The participants are all represented at the SPOR festival either by specific works or their curating function. The seminar is moderated by Andreas Engström, editor-in-chief of the Swedish journal Nutida Musik, who will both facilitate the debate and pose critical key questions related to the festival theme. 

The participants are: 
Juliana Hodkinson (experimental composer, arts writer, and lecturer. Holds a PhD in musicology). 

Mette Ingvartsen (choreographer, dancer. Teaches and has participated in a number of research oriented and interdisciplinary projects). 

Lynn Pook (independent artists working with sculptural media and video installations. Has a background in extensive sculptural and scenography studies).
Carsten Seiffarth (musicologist, founder and artistic director of the sound art gallery Singuhr–Hoergalerie, Berlin. Guest curator at SPOR 2011).

Niels Rønsholdt (composer, sound artist. His works include experimental operas, installations and chamber music).

In collaboration with Department Of Aesthetic Studies, Aarhus University and SNYK. Thanks to Thomas Bjørnsten Kristensen and Ansa Lønstrup.

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